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400KW Non Dynamic Diesel Generator Set Entry Acceptance Steps

Aug. 21, 2023

Starligh Power Wuxi Power series diesel generator set is a new diesel engine developed and produced by Wuxi Power Co., Ltd. It has the advantages of high power, low fuel consumption, low noise, low emission, easy start, strong reliability, stable performance and convenient maintenance. At present, the 400KW non-dynamic diesel generator set has entered the acceptance stage. The following is the introduction of the acceptance steps.


1. When the diesel generator set is supplied, there are many parts and components. It should be counted one by one according to the packing list, and the main engine, accessories, special tools, spare parts and accompanying technical documents should be checked. The control cabinet has factory test records. Usually, the generator is ordered by the diesel engine factory to the electric motor factory, and then assembled into a generator set. There is a factory test record of the manufacturer, which can be used for comparison during the handover test.


2. The appearance inspection must have a nameplate, the body has no missing parts, the coating is complete, and the parts are complete and free of defects.


Shangchai Power Generator Set

The process handover confirmation of diesel generator set installation includes:


1. The unit can only be installed after the basic acceptance is passed.


2. The unit with anchor bolts is subjected to mechanical installation procedures such as initial leveling, bolt hole grouting, fine leveling, fastening of anchor bolts, secondary grouting, etc..


3. Oil, gas, water cooling, air cooling, flue gas discharge and other systems and vibration isolation and noise prevention facilities have been installed. After inspection, there is no oil and no leakage, and the mechanism runs smoothly, and the automatic or manual speed control meets the requirements. In order to prevent accidents, fuel leakage and fire accidents during no-load trial operation, fire-fighting equipment should be equipped according to design requirements or fire-fighting regulations, and fire-fighting plans should also be prepared. Diesel generator set installation work only when the static test of the generator, the random switchboard, and the control cabinet wiring inspection are qualified, can the conditions for the next generator no-load test be performed.


4. The no-load test run of the diesel engine and the test adjustment are qualified before the generator no-load test can be done, otherwise it is unsafe to blindly bring the generator load.


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