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4 Maintenance Measures For Diesel Generator Radiator

Apr. 19, 2022

The overhaul and maintenance of the diesel generator radiator is very important to the diesel generator. Starlight Power reminds everyone, please maintain it every once in a while! The specific operations are as follows:


1. The coolant in the operation of the diesel generator radiator is usually very hot due to the pressure generated. Do not tidy up radiators or remove pipes when not cooling. Do not work or open the fan guard while the fan is spinning.


2. Corrosion is the main cause of failure in the radiator. Always keep the pipe joints from leaking, and regularly add water from the top of the radiator to discharge air to keep the system "airless". Diesel generator radiators should not be partially filled with water, as this will accelerate corrosion. For non-working diesel generators, all water should be evacuated or fully filled. If possible, use distilled or naturally softened water with an appropriate amount of rust inhibitor.


diesel generator

3. Clean external structure: In a dusty or dirty environment, the gaps of the diesel generator radiator may be blocked by debris, insects, etc., thus affecting the efficiency of the radiator. For regular cleaning of these light deposits, spray with low pressure hot water and detergent, steam or water from the front of the radiator to the fan. If you spray from the opposite direction, the dirt will just blow into the center. When using this measure, cover the diesel generator with a cloth. If the stubborn deposits cannot be removed by the above measures, the radiator can be removed, soaked in hot alkaline water for about 20 minutes, and then rinsed with hot water.


4. Internal cleaning: If you have no choice but to use the water irrigation method for a period of time because the joint is leaking, or because the power generation has been running for a period of time without rust remover, the system may be blocked by scale.


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