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3 Maintenance Methods And Steps For Diesel Generator Wet Cylinder Liner

Mar. 22, 2022

There are three maintenance methods and steps for diesel generator wet cylinder liner as follows:


1. Take out the old cylinder liner. When removing the cylinder liner of the old diesel generator set, the bottom of the cylinder liner can be tapped and taken out with a specific pulling force. If there is no special tool, you can place the cylinder side and use hardwood to cushion the lower end of the cylinder liner, then use a log or iron pipe to support the hard plate, use a hammer to knock out the round water, and knock out the cylinder liner. After removing the old cylinder liner, scrape off the metal corrosion, dirt and other sundries at the bearing hole of the cylinder block and sand the combination of the cylinder block and the cylinder liner with emery cloth to expose the metallic luster to avoid the deformation of the cylinder liner extrusion. In particular, the wall of the cylinder hole that touches the sealing ring must be smooth and flat to avoid damage and leakage of the rubber sealing ring due to unevenness. If there are hard deposits on the lower shoulder of the cylinder liner, due to the uneven surrounding, the installation of the cylinder liner is inclined, the shoulder has a gap, there is a positive torque after compressing the cylinder head, the cylinder liner is deformed, and it is prone to early wear, piston ring breakage, and piston deviation, wear, oil leakage, etc.


2. Replace the cylinder liner with a new one. The wet surface roughness should not exceed 1.60um, without spots and grooves. The standard tolerance of the cylindricity of the bearing holes on the upper and lower sides of the cylinder shall not exceed 0.015mm, and the matching clearance between the bearing holes and the cylinder shall be 0.05-0.15mm. Before installation, the cylinder liner without the sealing ring should be decorated in the bearing hole. When pressing the cylinder liner, the end face of the cylinder liner should be higher than 0.03-0.24mm, and the height difference of each cylinder should not be greater than 0.03mm. If it is too high, you can use a scraper to repair the bottom of the cylinder groove or a file to repair the plane of the cylinder liner. If it is too low, you can adjust the copper wire pressure under the flange of the cylinder liner.


cummins power generator set

3. Tighten the new cylinder liner. Before the wet cylinder liner is pressed, a newly painted white-painted rubber sealing ring should be installed to avoid water leakage. The compression method is the same as that of the dry cylinder liner.


Dingbo Power's warm reminder: the wet cylinder liner pressure is small, the inner diameter of the cylinder liner is not affected, and the polishing process is usually not carried out. After accurate measurement, when the roundness or cylindricity difference of the cylinder is too large, pull out the cylinder liner, check and repair the corrosion part of the bearing hole, rotate the cylinder liner 90°, and then press it tightly, but the sealing ring needs to be replaced. After the cylinder liner is compressed, the sealing ring should not be deformed, and the sealing port should be kept in good condition. When necessary, a hydrostatic test should be carried out to avoid leakage.


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