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150kw Shangchai Diesel Generator Set Technical Specifications

Mar. 14, 2020

We are Jiangsu Starlight Electricity Equipments Co.,Ltd., a manufacturer of diesel generator set in China since 1974. We are authorized as the OEM supplier of Shangchai diesel engine of generator set. Today we share 150kw Shangchai diesel generator set technical specifications.

1. 150kw Shangchai diesel generator set technical specifications

Prime power/capacity: 150kw/187.5kva

Standby power/capacity: 165kw/206kva

Speed/frequency: 1500rpm/50Hz

Voltage: 230/400V

Start up time: 5~6s

Noise level: open type: 100dBA at 7 meters, soundproof type: 75dBA at 7 meters.

Voltage Regulation: ≥±5%

Sudden Voltage Warp (100% Sudden Reduce):≤+25%

Sudden Voltage Warp (Sudden Increase):≤-20%

Voltage Stable Time (100% Sudden Reduce): ≤6s

Voltage Stable Time (Sudden Increase):≤6s

Frequency Recovery Time(100%Sudden Reduce):≤6s

Frequency Regulation:≤5%

Voltage Stable Time (100% Sudden Reduce):≤5s

150kw Shangchai genset

2. Shangchai diesel engine SC7H250D2 for 150kw generator set

Prime power: 168kw

Standby power: 185kw

The engine performance is as per GB/T2820.

Ratings are based on GB/T1147.1.

Prime power is available for an unlimited number of hours per year in a variable load application. The permissible average power output over 24 hours of operation shall not exceed 80% of the prime power rating.

Standby power is available in the event of a utility power outage or under test conditions for up to 200 hours of operation per year.

The permissible average power output over 24 hours of operation shall not exceed 80% of the standby power rating.


Engine Model: SC7H250D2

Engine Type: In-line,4 strokes, water-cooled ,4 valves, Turbo charged & air-to-air intercooled.

Combustion type: Direct injection  

Cylinder Type: Dry liner

Number of cylinders: 6

Bore × stroke 105(4.14) × 124(4.89) mm(in.)

Displacement: 6.44(393) lit.(in3)

Compression ratio: 16 : 1

Firing order 1-5-3-6-2-4

Injection timing 12°BTDC

Injection pump Longkou in-line “P” type

Dry weight Approx. 580 kg (1278.7 lb)

Dimension(L×W×H): 1343×741×1267 mm (52.9×29.2×49.9 in.)

FUEL CONSUMPTION                      

110% power load: 40.5 L/h

100% power load: 36.5 L/h           

75% power load: 27.3 L/h                       

50% power load: 18.2 L/h                        

25% power load: 9.6 L/h                        


Lub. Method Fully forced pressure feed type

Oil pump: Gear type driven by crankshaft

Oil filter: Full flow, cartridge type

Oil pan capacity: High level 17.5 liters ( 4.62 gal.) Low level 15 liters ( 3.96 gal.)

Lub. Oil: Refer to Operation Manual


Cooling method: Fresh water forced circulation

Water capacity: 9.6 liters (2.5 gal.) (engine only)

Pressure system: Max. 0.5 kg/cm2 ( 7.11 psi)

Water pump: Centrifugal type driven by belt

Water pump: Capacity 170liters ( 44.9 gal.)/min at at 1,500 rpm (engine)

Thermostat:Wax–pellet type, Opening temp. 82°C, Full open temp. 95°C

Cooling fan: Blower type, plastic 660 mm diameter, 10 blades


Charging generator 28V×55A

Voltage regulator Built-in type

Starting motor 24V×6kW

Battery Voltage 24V  

Battery Capacity 150 AH


Injection pump: Longkou in-line “P” type

Governor:Electric type

Feed pump: Mechanical type

Injection nozzle: Multi hole type

Opening pressure: 250 kg/cm2 (3556 psi)

Fuel filter: Full flow, cartridge type

Used fuel Diesel fuel oil

Above is some part of Shanghai engine SC7H250D2 for 150kw genset technical specification. 

If you are interested in Shangchai generator set, please contact us by sherly@dieselgeneratortech.com. Shanghai genset power is from 55kw-880kw, you can choose power capacity according to your need, and alternator we have Stamford, Leroy Somer, Marathon, Siemens, Engga, Shanghai Kepu, as well as our own brand Starlight( full copper wire). 

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