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Working Principle Of Water Cooling System For Diesel Generator Set

Oct. 21, 2022

When the diesel generator set is working, the high temperature gas and the heat generated by friction will raise the temperature of cylinder (cover), piston, valve and other parts. If proper cooling measures are not taken, the temperature of these parts will be too high. The cooling system of the diesel generator set is just to ensure that the generator set works within the most appropriate temperature range. The cooling system of diesel generator set can also be divided into water cooling and air cooling. The following describes the working principle of the water cooling system.


Water cooling principle of diesel generator set: water jacket is cast on the cylinder head and cylinder block of diesel engine. After being pressurized by the water pump, the water distribution pipe will deliver the liquid to the cylinder water jacket, absorb the heat of the cylinder wall, raise the temperature, and then flow into the cylinder head water jacket. Then, the liquid will be delivered to the water pipe through the thermostat and radiator. At the same time, as the cylinder rotates and sucks, the air will be blown out from the radiator core, so that the steam and liquid flowing through the radiator core will continue to dissipate to the atmosphere, thus reducing the temperature. After being pressurized by the pump, it finally flows into the cylinder liner again. In this way, the speed of the diesel engine will be increased after continuous circulation.


After we understand the water cooling principle of diesel generator, how to release the water from the water cooled diesel generator set?


diesel generator

1. Due to the low temperature of the external environment, water should be drained 15 minutes after the shutdown. Otherwise, due to the excessive temperature difference between the body and the external environment, some parts of the diesel engine will be deformed, such as the cylinder head deformation, which will affect the working performance of the generator set.


2. When discharging water, pay attention to the specific conditions of the water flow to see whether the water flow is smooth and whether there is a phenomenon that the water flow becomes smaller or faster or slower. If the above situation occurs, it means that the water contains impurities, which hinders the normal discharge of water. At this time, it is better to disassemble the outlet to allow the water to drain directly from the body. If the water is still not smooth, use hard and thin steel objects such as iron wire to reinforce until the water is smooth.


3. After the cooling water flow is stopped, it is better to start the diesel generator for a few minutes. At this time, the residual long pipes that are not easy to discharge oil will flow away due to the vibration of the unit, so as to prevent the water plug on the cylinder head from freezing down, thus preventing the long pipes from flowing into the shell of the long pipes in the future.


4. If the water drain switch is not removed, the water drain switch should be turned on when the water drain switch is finished to prevent the cooling water from not flowing out due to various reasons.


5. The cover shall be opened when discharging water. If the cover is not opened when discharging water, the water can be discharged, but due to the reduction of water volume in the water tank and the sealing of the water tank, a certain degree of vacuum will be generated, which will slow down or stop the water flow. In winter, the parts will freeze and crack due to incomplete drainage.


6. Water should not be drained immediately in high temperature. Before the engine shuts down, if the engine temperature is too high to stop and drain water immediately, the load shall be unloaded to make it idle. When the temperature in the cylinder drops to 40-50 ℃, drain water again to prevent the sudden drop in temperature and sharp shrinkage of the outer surface of the cylinder block, cylinder head and water jacket in contact with water. However, the temperature in the cylinder body is still high and the shrinkage is small, which is very easy to cause cracks due to the sudden drop in the temperature inside the cylinder and inside and outside the cylinder head.


7. In cold winter, the engine should be idling after draining water. In cold winter, the water inside the engine should be started and allowed to idle for a few minutes. This is mainly because some water may remain after the pump and other parts are drained. After restart, the water inside the engine can be started by relying on the body temperature to ensure that there is no water left in the engine, so as to prevent water pumping caused by water pump freezing and water sealing.


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