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Working Principle Of Unit Pump Diesel Engine Controller ECU

Jun. 30, 2022

The controller ECU is the most important part in the diesel engine system. It controls the alarm system, water temperature system, oil temperature system, oil pressure system and speed system. In case of failure the unit will stop running. The diesel engine controller has manual and automatic control functions. When the self-start signal is input or the start button is manually pressed, the controller will automatically complete the program control and process control such as self-start, unit operation, and fault shutdown protection.


diesel engine

When an abnormal condition occurs during the self-starting and operation of the diesel unit, the controller can judge the fault according to the preset parameters, and simultaneously display the cause of the fault through the display screen and the corresponding indicator light on the panel. External buzzer users can receive automatic alarm signal. The unit will also stop at the same time to protect the unit. Therefore, when the unit pump diesel engine controller is faulty and damaged, it needs to be replaced in time.


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