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Working Principle Of Turbocharged Diesel Engine For Diesel Generator Set

Dec. 01, 2022

Basic working principle of supercharged diesel engine:

Increase the intake pressure of the diesel engine, fill more air into the cylinder volume, increase the intake density, so as to inject more fuel and improve the useful power. This method of increasing the power of diesel engine by increasing the intake pressure is called supercharging.


The energy source of the compressor for compressing fresh air mainly comes from the way that the crankshaft of the diesel engine is driven mechanically through gears, and this supercharging method is called mechanical supercharging. It also uses the non output energy of the diesel engine gas to expand and do work in the full turbine and is driven by the turbine, which is called exhaust gas turbocharging.


diesel engine

The exhaust gas turbocharger is composed of an exhaust gas turbine and a centrifugal compressor which is coaxial with the exhaust gas turbine. The exhaust gas from the diesel engine cylinder enters the turbine through the exhaust pipe, where it expands to do work to drive the turbine to rotate and drive the compressor to work. The fresh compressed air is sent to each cylinder of the diesel engine through the intake pipe.


The working principle of a two-stroke exhaust gas turbocharged diesel engine is basically the same as that of a four stroke diesel engine. The difference is that in a two-stroke diesel engine, the charge air is first supplied to the scavenging box, and then enters the cylinder through the scavenging port. In addition, due to the energy balance required by the exhaust gas turbine and compressor, the auxiliary compressor is generally located in the exhaust gas turbocharging system of the two-stroke diesel engine.


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