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Working Principle of Gas Generator Set

Sep. 29, 2022

To understand the gas generator set, you must first understand the working principle of the gas generator set, and master the working principle of the gas generator set, in order to reduce the failure rate of the set during use, save gas, save money and generate more power.

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The gas generator set is a new type of generator set developed to meet the world environmental protection requirements and the new market environment. There are two main types of natural gas generator sets, one is a combined cycle gas turbine and the other is a gas internal combustion engine. The gas turbine has a relatively large power and is mainly used in large and medium-sized power stations, while the gas-fired internal combustion engine has a relatively small power and is mainly used in small distributed power stations.

Gas generator set is a new type of green and environmental protection power to replace oil and coal-fired generator sets. It is a new type of generator set developed to meet the world's environmental protection requirements and new market environment. So what is the working principle of the gas generator? The following starlight power generation equipment will introduce the working principle of the gas generator.

The gas generator set is to connect the engine and the generator coaxially, and place it on the chassis of the whole machine, and then connect the muffler and the governor to the engine, and the gas source leads to the gas channel in the engine, and is connected to the engine with a belt puller. A recoil starter for the rope and a voltage regulator connected to the generator output. The combustible gas inside the gas source is natural gas, or liquefied petroleum gas, or biogas. The use of gas generator sets and gasoline generator sets reduces environmental pollution compared with diesel generator sets, and is an environmentally friendly and energy-saving generator. Moreover, the structure is simple, the use is safe and reliable, and the output voltage and frequency are stable.

The filter device is used to protect the valve of the gas pipeline, and the aperture of the filter screen should be no more than 1.5MM. The gas pressure stabilizer filter device is the main and key equipment in the gas transmission and distribution process. It mainly undertakes the functions of pressure regulation and pressure stabilization, as well as one or more functions such as filtration, metering, odorization, and gas distribution.

The fluctuation of the outlet air pressure of the regulator valve should not exceed ±5% in the entire combustion adjustment range. If the air valve train is equipped with an independent pressure-stabilizing valve, the front end of the air inlet should be equipped with an independent filtering device to avoid blocking the air pipe in the pressure-stabilizing valve.

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