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Working Principle Of Current Transformer For Diesel Generator Set

Nov. 16, 2022

The diesel generator set can be installed with a current transformer to detect the output current through the ammeter, and the generator is divided into two categories, AC generator and DC generator. The current transformer also has AC current transformer and Hall current transformer, and the AC current transformer can only be installed on the alternator. Hall current transformer can be used for both AC and DC, so both AC and DC generators can be installed. Do you know the working principle and function of current transformer for diesel generator set? This article introduces the generator manufacturer Jiangsu Starlight Electricity Equipments Co.,Ltd..


1. Operating principle of current transformer.


The working principle of current transformer is based on the principle of electromagnetic induction. Current transformer is composed of closed iron core and winding. The number of turns of its primary side winding is very small, and it is connected in series in the line of the current to be measured, so it often has all the current flowing through the line. The number of turns of the secondary side winding is relatively large, and it is connected in series in the measuring instrument and protection circuit. When the current transformer is working, its secondary side circuit is always closed, so the impedance of the series coil of the measuring instrument and protection circuit is very small, and the working state of the current transformer is close to short circuit. The current transformer is used to convert the large current at the primary side to the small current at the secondary side for measurement, and the secondary side cannot be open circuited.


diesel generator set

2. Function of current transformer.


The main function of current transformer is to convert the large current in the AC circuit into a certain proportion of small current (the standard in China is 5 ampere times) for measurement and relay protection. In the process of power generation, transformation and distribution, due to different electrical equipment, the current often ranges from tens of amperes to tens of thousands of amperes, and these circuits may also be accompanied by high voltage.

In order to monitor and measure the circuits of these lines, and at the same time solve the dangers caused by high voltage and high current, current transformers are needed. Clamp meter used by electricians, which is a kind of equipment used to measure AC current. Its "clamp" is a through core current transformer.


The above "Working principle and function of diesel generator set current transformer" is organized for you by the generator manufacturer Jiangsu Starlight Electricity Equipments Co.,Ltd.


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