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Working Principle Of AC Synchronous Generator

Jun. 28, 2022

A synchronous motor is an AC motor because its rotational speed is constant equal to that of a synchronous speed machine. Synchronous motors are mainly used as generators, but also as motors and regulators. Synchronous generators are designed according to the principle of electromagnetic induction, which converts mechanical energy into electrical energy through the relative motion between the rotor magnetic field and the stator windings. After the rotor coil enters the direct current, a magnetic field is generated. When the rotor rotates at n speed under the driving of external force, the magnetic field of the rotor and the stator conductor have relative motion, that is, the stator conductor cuts the magnetic wire, and an induced potential is generated. When the rotor rotates continuously at a constant speed, the alternating current potential cycle on the stator coils is constantly changing, which is the working principle of a synchronous generator.


The overhaul period of synchronous generators for diesel generator sets is generally 2-4 years. The main contents of the overhaul include disassembling the body, disassembling the rotor, repairing the stator, repairing the rotor, checking the state of the slip ring, installing the generator and insulating the axis.


The difference between a synchronous generator and an asynchronous generator:


diesel generator set

The advantage of the asynchronous motor is that the asynchronous motor has a simple structure and can be self-synchronized. After a fault, the rotor magnetic field of the motor can be eliminated naturally. Compared to synchronous motors, there is no such characteristic. The disadvantage of asynchronous generators is low power factor and low efficiency.


Synchronous generator consists of stator and rotor: stator: stator core, stator winding (armature winding - AC) Rotor: rotor core, rotor winding (excitation winding - DC) Working principle:


(1) The prime mover drives the rotor to rotate.

(2) The rotor is connected to the DC excitation to generate a constant magnetic field, which forms a mechanical rotating magnetic field with the rotation of the rotor.

(3) The armature winding cuts the rotor rotating magnetic field to induce electromotive force.


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