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Why The Diesel Generators Generate Carbon Deposits?

Jul. 22, 2023

During the storage and transportation of fuel oil for diesel generator, oxidation reaction is easy to occur and colloidal substances are generated. These colloidal substances can be divided into soluble and insoluble resins based on the solubility of gasoline. Insoluble colloid, also known as sediment, will adhere to the fuel filter after it joins the car fuel tank with the fuel, blocking the filter medium, reducing the fuel supply, resulting in a lack of fuel delivery, poor fuel atomization, thinning of combustible mixture, and decline in the power and economy of diesel generator.

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After the soluble gum enters the incineration chamber and is incinerated together with the gasoline, it will form many solid carbon deposits on the intake valve, piston top, piston ring groove, incineration chamber, spark plug and other parts, which will result in poor valve sealing and the decline of diesel generator function, such as unsmooth acceleration, unstable idle speed, stall, chatter, detonation and a series of other problems.

During the operation of diesel generator, the fuel oil or lubricating oil flowing into the incineration chamber cannot be burned 100%. Some oil materials that have not been burned can form hydrochloric acid and resin like colloid under the catalytic effect of high-temperature oxidation, adhere to the surface of parts, and then further condense into a messy mixture of asphaltene and oil coke through the high-temperature effect, which is called carbon deposition.

There are many reasons for the formation of carbon deposits in diesel generator, but the primary reason is the abnormal operation of fuel injectors, such as poor atomization, oil dripping, too high or too low injection pressure, too early or too late injection time, and too much injection volume, which can be attributed to incomplete combustion of some fuels; Severe oil leakage; Severe air leakage; The cooling water temperature is too low, which affects the normal incineration of fuel; The trademark of diesel generator and engine oil is wrong, and the quality is poor, which forms carbon slag after incineration; The diesel generator diesel engine is overloaded or the temperature is too high, and the ignition is too early, which means that the fuel incineration is incomplete.

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