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Why The Crankshaft of The 300KW Volvo Diesel Generator Set Is Broken

Nov. 22, 2021

Crankshaft fracture of a 300KW Volvo diesel generator set is a serious type of malfunction among diesel engine failures. There are many reasons for the crankshaft of the engine, a large part of which is that our users did not follow the correct use steps during use, which caused the crankshaft to break. Of course, in addition to user factors, the quality of the engine crankshaft also plays a vital role. In order to allow users to better use Volvo diesel generator sets, Starlight Power Generation Equipment will give you a detailed introduction to the cause of the crankshaft fracture of the 300KW Volvo diesel generator set.

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1. The high temperature crankshaft is broken. High-temperature crankshaft fracture is a common fracture method. The main reason for this kind of crankshaft fracture is that the user performs correct operations when using the diesel engine, which leads to the phenomenon of high-temperature cylinder pulling inside the diesel engine, which causes the crankshaft to fracture, causing damage to the diesel engine. scrapped.

2. Crankshaft fracture caused by overload operation. The crankshaft is the main power transmission and load-bearing component of the engine. Therefore, if the user blindly increases the load and throttle when using the diesel engine, the load on the diesel engine crankshaft will exceed the specified load-bearing capacity, which will cause the crankshaft to break.

3. The material of the crankshaft of the Volvo diesel generator set engine is unqualified, and the fatigue strength is poor. Because the crankshaft requires continuous workmanship when in use, the material of the crankshaft is very important to the quality of the product. Therefore, if the quality of the crankshaft of the diesel engine purchased by the user is not up to the standard and the fatigue performance is poor, then the crankshaft will be easily broken during use. Because the crankshaft is inside the diesel engine, it is difficult for users to distinguish whether the quality of the crankshaft is qualified. However, we still recommend users to purchase products with good quality and moderate prices when purchasing a 300KW Volvo diesel generator set. Don't be greedy and buy a low-quality diesel engine.


The above three points are the main reasons for the fracture of the crankshaft of the 300KW Volvo diesel generator set. In addition to the above three points, there are many reasons for the crankshaft fracture of the unit, which requires users to pay attention to the maintenance and maintenance of the unit when using the Volvo diesel generator set to reduce the failure of the unit.

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