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Why Is Diesel Generator Fuel Filter Cleaning Important

May. 16, 2022

Diesel generator sets generally do not run out of fuel very quickly. As the fuel accumulates, it accumulates debris, which reduces the quality of the fuel. Fuel with too much impurities is likely to cause generator failure or damage. Therefore, fuel filter cleaning is very necessary.


What is fuel filter cleaning?

Even if you remember to maintain your diesel generator regularly, you may overlook the quality of the fuel it contains, especially if your generator is only used for power outages or emergencies and is rarely used. As a result, fuel quality can deteriorate without you noticing until it's too late.


Poor quality fuel is mainly due to contaminants entering the fuel tank. These contaminants include: water, rust, soot, dirt, microbial growth (including bacteria, mold, and yeast), organic compounds produced by microorganisms, etc. If you sample the fuel at the bottom of the tank, it may appear cloudy or even inside. There is some sludge. This means your fuel is no longer clean and has become contaminated.


Why is fuel filter cleaning important?

If the fuel continues to deteriorate, you may see these problems: stench, clogged filters, worn injectors, corrosion in parts, etc. Most of the time it means your engine is not working properly. However, in severe cases, contamination can lead to fuel system failure. If you invest in fuel polishing early on, you'll save on expensive repairs and fuel replacements, and you'll be sure your generator is up and running in an emergency.


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How does fuel filter cleaning work?

Fuel filter cleaning involves several processes, the first of which is the removal of debris from the fuel. Technicians will pump fuel from the tank and pass it through a series of progressively smaller filters. These filters will remove any particles floating in the fuel.


Technicians can also clean the inside of the tank as the fuel drains from the tank and is pumped through the filter. This removes the rust and sludge that has built up on the walls, so when the clean fuel returns to your tank, it won't be immediately re-contaminated.


After the solid particles have been drained from the fuel, the next step is to remove the water from the fuel tank. If water gets into your fuel, it reduces its efficiency and allows microorganisms like bacteria and yeast to spread. If microbes are present in your fuel, taking the water out will stop them from spreading, but you may also need to add biocides to the fuel to kill microbes already in it.


Once the solid waste and water have been drained from your fuel and your tank is clean, the technician will put the clean fuel back in and your generator will be safer, more efficient, and less likely to need repairs.


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