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Why Do Diesel Generators Have Traveling Block And Runaway

Jan. 10, 2023

The governor of diesel generator is a device that can automatically adjust the fuel supply of fuel injection pump. It can automatically adjust the fuel supply of the fuel injection pump according to the change of the external load of the diesel generator, so that the diesel generator can operate at a more stable speed, thus ensuring that the diesel generator will neither overspeed nor shut down at idle speed. Now let's take a look at the faults that are easy to occur in the governor.


(1) The main reasons for "traveling block" (the governor lever reciprocates frequently and greatly) are:

① The speed regulating spring is deformed after being used for a long time.

② The flying hammer pin hole is worn and loose.

③ The oil pump adjusting gear ring and rack are improperly matched.

④ The opening and retracting distance of flying hammer is inconsistent.

⑤ The clearance between the rack pin hole and the tie rod and the tie rod pin is too large.

⑥ The ball bearing hole on the support of the governor housing or the ball bearing seat hole of the injection pump is loose, causing excessive play of the injection pump camshaft.


diesel generator

(2) The "runaway" refers to that the speed of the diesel generator is out of control and greatly exceeds the specified maximum operating speed. The main reasons for runaway:

① The diesel engine speed is too high (such as changing the lead seal that limits the maximum fuel supply).

② The speed regulating spring is broken.

③ The pin connecting the rack and pull rod falls off.

④ The pin connecting the pull rod and the pull rod falls off.

⑤ Flying hammer is stuck.

⑥ Too much oil is added into the governor housing.

⑦ The rack (fuel injection pump) is stuck so that the fuel supply is at the maximum position.

⑧ The plunger (fuel injection pump) is wrongly installed, resulting in large fuel supply.


(3) The main reasons for unstable speed are:

① The fuel supply of each cylinder is inconsistent.

② The nozzle hole is blocked or drips oil.

③ The horizontal pin of the governor rod is loose.

④ The plunger spring is broken.

⑤ The outlet valve spring is broken.

⑥ The flying hammer is worn.


(4) The main reasons why the idle speed cannot reach the idle speed are:

① The throttle handle is not put to the bottom.

② The flying hammer is slightly stuck.

③ The spring seat is stuck.

④ The adjusting gear ring and rack are slightly stuck.


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