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What Should We Do Before Start Up Shangchai Diesel Generator Set

Oct. 12, 2019

Diesel generator set is a small type electricity equipment. It is flexible, less investment and easy start-up etc. many advantages, now it is widely used in many fileds, such as communications, mining, road building, forestry, farmland irrigation, field construction and national defense engineering etc. Diesel generator set is also an AC power supply equipment in self-contained power plants. With the development of society, there are many generators company appearing, one of is Shangchai.

During after-sale service, Starlight Power found that many users still do not know what to do before start up Shangchai generator set, or because can not do well in start-up preparation, generator set causes some problems. So in this article, Starlight Power Group will share some attentions.

Shangchai diesel generator

Carefully complete the inspection preparation work before start-up:

A.Add antifreeze into Shangchai diesel generator set;

B.Add oil into the engine. Check whether level of engine oil is within the marked scale line, if fuel is not enough, add oil into reach the marked scale line. Too much or too little oil is all bad for the engine;

C.Connect the fuel line and drain the air into the pipe to start the Shangchai generating set easily;

D.Check whether the coolant is about 6mm below the water tank cover, if not enough, add clean water into the above position;

E.According to the power of Shangchai generator set to choose a conductor suitable for carrying capacity, to connect to the output terminal of the main circuit output circuit breaker;

F.Check the surroundings of the generator, remove the objects that hinder operation or working, and ensure smooth ventilation;

G.Ensure that the main switch of diesel generator is in OFF stat;

H.Ensure that the fuel tank is more than half full and the fuel supply valve is always open;

I.When connect the battery to the generator set, first connect the positive and then the negative;

J.Check the bolts of the main connection parts of the unit, check the fixed bolts of the instruments and components in the control panel, and the bolts of the wiring ends of the wires should be tightened.

The above checks are correct, start-up test run, before putting the load into operation, check the phase sequence, whether it is in the same order with the city power, confirm the correctness, and then put into operation.

Six steps of start-up Shangchai generator set :

A.Unscrew the deflation screw on the fuel injection pump, use the fuel hand pump to remove the air in the fuel system, and fix the adjusting control handle on the throttle position of the suitable starting speed;

B.Press the generator start button to start the diesel engine. If the diesel engine can't start in 10 seconds (up to 15 seconds), it should wait for 1 minute before starting for the second time. If it can't start for three consecutive times, should check and find out the cause of the failure;

C.After diesel generator set start up, the no-load speed gradually increases to 1000-1200 r/min (note not to run at low speed for a long time). After the diesel engine is preheated, the speed is increased to the rated speed. When the outlet water temperature reaches 55 degrees Celsius and the oil temperature reaches 45 degrees Celsius, full load operation is allowed;

D.After starting the diesel engine, pay close attention to the reading of oil pressure gauge (2.5-3.5kg/C in normal operation). If the oil pressure gauge does not indicate, stop immediately and check whether the ammeter has charge indication;

E.After the diesel generator set is put into normal operation, should observe the changes of water temperature, oil temperature and oil pressure at any time, and should handle the reading of power meter, frequency meter, ammeter and voltmeter in time if abnormalities are found;

F.When each instrument of the genset indicates normally, can turn on the load switch to send power to the load. With the change of load of the genset, if the frequency and voltage are not within the prescribed range, should adjust the frequency and voltage in time to maintain the rated value. It is strictly prohibited that the genset carry load at low speed, so as to avoid damage to the equipment.

Starlight series diesel generator set selection of Shangchai “ Dongfeng” brand 135, D114 etc. Series diesel engine supporting my company and the domestic brand generators, the excellent power, economy, reliability, low operation cost and the chain of three bags and spare parts supply highly favored customers.

Characteristics of Shangchai Diesel Generator Set:

Integral crankshaft, gantry block, flat-cut connecting rod, short piston. Compact and reasonable shape, strong matching adaptability.

A new type of retracted combustor is used to increase injection pressure, improve combustion process and achieve environmental protection targets: emission value of exhaust pollutants meets the requirements of JB8891-1999 and noise meets the requirements of GB14097-1999.

Optimum design of lubrication and cooling system, reduction of the number of external pipes and components, and the use of brushless alternator as a whole have greatly improved the three leaks and greatly enhanced the reliability.

J98 and J114b exhaust gas turbochargers are used for matching, has strong working ability at high altitude, when used in the plateau area of 5000m altitude, the power decreases by less than 3%.

Use new type of exhaust ejector with high vacuum, three-stage swirl air filter with German paper filter.

Shangchai diesel generator

Standard Configuration of ShangChai Diesel Generator Set:

A.The "Dongfeng" diesel engine of Shanghai Diesel Engine Co., Ltd. is used as power;

B.It is composed of Marathon, Stamford, Lillesenma famous generator and control panel;

C.It has flexible configuration, good stability and can meet different requirements of users;

D.Good power performance, large torque reserve, low fuel consumption and oil consumption;

E.Diesel engine automatic protection device can be optionally equipped with parallel and grid-connected products. It can be changed into emergency automation unit or low noise unit by using sound insulation cover according to customer's requirements.

Starlight Power Shangchai series diesel generator set Power range is 55Kw to 880Kw, if you are interested, please contact us by email sales@dieselgeneratortech.com.

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