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What Needs To Be Done For Maintenance Of Diesel Generator (II)

Nov. 10, 2022

Continued from the previous article.


6. Check the coolant page.

Check the coolant level of the diesel engine every day before starting or when the diesel generator is stopped.


Warning: When the diesel generator is working, its coolant temperature is high and there is pressure, which is easy to cause burns. After the diesel generator is shut down and the coolant temperature drops below 50°C, the coolant level can be checked or added. The preservative containing alkali in the coolant should be avoided from contact with skin and eyes to prevent injury.


(1) Before starting or after stopping the diesel generator, after the coolant temperature drops below 50 ° C, slowly unscrew the pressure cap (haunch cap) on the radiator or expansion tank to release the pressure of the cooling system.


(2) Remove the pressure cap, and check the coolant level from the filling port or liquid level inspection port, which should be within the upper and lower scribed lines or meet the requirements of the equipment manufacturer.


(3) Add if necessary. To be added close to the upper scribed line or as specified by the equipment manufacturer.

Note: The coolant shall be slowly injected to prevent air lock.


diesel engine

7、 Check the electrolyte level.

Some batteries are not for maintenance. Pay attention to the service life of the battery. See the instructions on the battery for details. When the service life expires, they must be replaced in time. Some batteries need to be supplemented with special liquid supplement or distilled water, so it is necessary to check the electrolyte level.


(1) Remove the cover page every day and check the electrolyte level, which should be at the bottom of the filler. If the liquid level is insufficient, it shall be supplemented as required.


(2) Install the armpit cover.

Note: Remember to use purified drinking water instead. Because the purified water contains a variety of trace elements, it will have a negative impact on the battery.


8. Check the drive belt.

Visually inspect the drive belt every day. Check the tape for cross cracks. Transverse cracks along the width of the tape are allowed. However, cracks penetrating longitudinally (along the length of the tape) and transversely are not allowed. If the tape is worn or the material peels off, it should also be replaced.


9. Check the cooling fan.

Visually check the fan every day for cracks, loose rivets, loose blades, bending and other defects. The fan shall be installed reliably. If necessary, tighten the fastening bolts or replace the damaged fan.

Warning: Damaged fan blades may cause serious accidents. Never drag or pry the fan, nor use the fan to rotate the crankshaft of the diesel engine.


10. Check the fan belt tension and drive belt tension.


Fan tape tension.

Check: press down with fingers at the center of two belt pulleys (about 98N force). Observe the pressing distance. The required distance shall be 12~15mm. If it exceeds this range, it needs to be adjusted.


Drive belt tension.

Check: press down the belt pulley with fingers at the center of the two pulleys (about 98N force). Observe the pressing distance. The required distance shall be 8-12mm. If it exceeds this range, it needs to be adjusted.


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