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What is The Thermostat of Diesel Generator Set?

Jan. 31, 2023

Today, let's briefly introduce the problem of what is the thermostat of diesel generator set. What else do you need to know about it? Welcome to consult our Starlight website. Next, let's introduce the relevant content.

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The thermostat is a cylinder with folded patterns made of brass, which is simply assembled in a stamped shell. The cylinder is filled with liquid ether or alcohol which is easy to vaporize. There are two valves of different sizes at one end of the corrugated cylinder. 135 series diesel engines use 154 wax thermostat, which is installed at the interface of the cylinder head outlet pipe.

The function of the thermostat of the diesel generator set: automatically change the water flow through the radiator according to the load of the diesel engine and the water temperature, and work at the optimum temperature (80 ℃ i 5 ℃).

The working principle of the thermostat: when the internal water temperature of the diesel engine body is lower than 70 ℃, the outlet valve of the thermostat is closed, and the cooling water flows back to the inlet of the water pump through the bypass valve of the thermostat, and then recycled. At this time, the cooling water only circulates in the water pump and jacket, which is called small circulation.

When the internal water temperature of the diesel engine body is between 70 ℃ and 80 ℃, the bypass valve of the thermostat is gradually closed, and the outlet valve to the radiator is gradually opened. At this time, part of the cooling water inside the body is still in small circulation, and the other part of the cooling water flows back to the radiator through the radiator outlet pipe. When the internal water temperature of the diesel engine body is above 80 ℃, the bypass valve of the thermostat is fully closed and opened. At this time, the cooling water inside the body flows through the radiator for large circulation.

The performance inspection method of the thermostat: put the thermostat and thermometer into a container containing hot water, and then heat at the bottom of the container. According to the different indications of the thermometer, check whether the opening and closing of the thermostat valve meet the requirements. Note that when the thermostat is placed in the container, it cannot be placed at the bottom.

Overhaul of thermostat: After the thermostat is damaged, it should be replaced with a new one. In special cases, solder can also be used to repair cracks or cracks. The specific methods are: Repair the damaged part with soldering tin, then inject alcohol or ether into the upper part of the expansion cylinder with a syringe, and then put the thermostat into hot water. After the air is discharged by the expansion of alcohol or ether, seal the pinhole with soldering tin. In order to prevent the volatilization of alcohol or ether, the welding repair should be fast.

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