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What Is The Purpose Of The Diesel Engine Coolant Temperature Gauge

Jul. 04, 2022

The normal operating temperature of diesel engine coolant is 80 to 110 degrees, and the coolant is used to cool the ambient temperature of the engine. If the temperature is too high, the diesel engine will not be able to work at the normal ambient temperature, and the moving components are likely to destroy the normal fitting clearance due to thermal deformation, and the oil will also be ablated by continuous high temperature. Parts jammed or aggravated damage. If the temperature is too low, the heat dissipation caused by all ignition will expand, which means higher cutting fluid properties and viscosity increase, and the pressure increase power of parts operation will decrease.


Diesel engine coolant thermometers are divided into metal material resistor thermometers and semiconductor material resistor thermometers, all of which are made based on the characteristic that the resistance value changes with the ambient temperature. The key metal material thermometers are platinum, gold, copper, nickel and other pure metals and rhodium iron, tin bronze aluminum alloy. The key to semiconductor material thermometers is carbon, germanium, etc. Diesel engine coolant temperature gauges are easy to use and reliable, and have been widely used. It has a detection range of -260°C to around 600°C.


Diesel engine

The diesel engine coolant temperature gauge is used to indicate the ambient temperature of the engine coolant, and the coolant temperature data signal is given by the coolant temperature sensor installed on the engine cylinder head.


When the engine is working normally, its indicated value should be in the middle of 80-100℃. When the ambient temperature of the coolant reaches 97°C, the radiator fan runs at a low speed. When the ambient temperature of the coolant is less than 94°C, the radiator fan stops running. When the ambient temperature of the coolant is higher than 105°C, the radiator fan runs at high speed. When the ambient temperature of the coolant reaches 89°C, a part of the water temperature sensor is turned on. When the ambient temperature of the coolant reaches 101°C, the water temperature sensor is all turned on. If the ambient temperature of the coolant exceeds 112°C, the coolant temperature warning light will illuminate. At this time, you should immediately stop and turn off the flame, and check the refrigerant level and condenser.


The above is the introduction of the structure and working principle of the diesel engine coolant temperature gauge.


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