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What Is The Noise Of Diesel Generator Set

Dec. 12, 2022

Jiangsu Starlight Power Guide: When the diesel generator set is running, it usually produces 95-110dB (A) of noise. The noise from the unit operation will cause serious damage to the construction of the peripheral ring, so the noise must be controlled. Let's first understand the noise of the diesel generator set.


1. Exhaust noise.

Exhaust noise is the main part of engine noise. The noise is generally 10~150B (A) greater than that of the engine. It is the part with the largest energy and most components in the exhaust noise. Its fundamental frequency is the ignition frequency of the engine, and it should show the extension of the fundamental frequency and its higher harmonic in the entire exhaust spectrum.


2. Mechanical noise and combustion noise.

(1) Mechanical noise is mainly caused by the vibration and mutual impact caused by the periodic changes of gas pressure and motion inertia force during the operation of various moving parts of the engine. It mainly includes the noise of the piston crank and connecting rod mechanism (mainly high-frequency noise), the noise of the valve train (mainly low and medium frequency noise), the noise of the transmission gear (the noise spectrum is a continuous and broad spectrum), and the mechanical vibration and noise caused by the unbalanced inertia force.


(2) Combustion noise is the structural vibration and noise generated during combustion. The sound pressure level of combustion noise (especially low frequency part) in the cylinder is very high, but most parts in the engine structure have high rigidity, and their natural frequencies are mostly in the middle and high frequency areas. Due to the corresponding mismatch of the acoustic wave propagation frequency, the peak value of the cylinder pressure stage that is very high in the low frequency band cannot be transmitted. The cylinder pressure level in the middle and high frequency bands is relatively easy to be transmitted.


diesel generator set

3. Noise from cooling fan and exhaust passage.

Fan noise consists of rotating noise and eddy current noise. Rotating noise is generated by periodic disturbance of air flow cut by rotating fan blades. Vortex noise refers to the unsteady flow noise caused by the slippage or splitting of the gas into a series of vortex flows due to its viscosity when the gas is separated on the rotating blade section. The air exhaust channel is directly connected with the outside world. The air velocity is very high, and the air flow noise, fan noise and mechanical noise are radiated out through this channel.


4. Intake noise.

The unit works in a closed machine room. In a broad sense, the air inlet system includes the air inlet channel of the unit and the air inlet system of the engine. The air inlet channel and exhaust channel are directly connected with the outside world. The air velocity is very high, and the air flow noise and unit operation noise are radiated to the outside through the air inlet channel. The noise of the engine intake system is formed by the pressure generated by the periodic opening and closing of the intake valve, and its noise frequency is generally in the low frequency range below 500Hz.


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