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What Is the Function of Diesel Generator Air Filter

Oct. 15, 2019

This article is mainly written to introduce the diesel generator filter types as well as its function. If you are interested, then read on.

In general, filter is divided into three types, namely, oil filter, fuel filter and air filter. For different types, the function is also different.

Oil Filter - It is used to remove dust in the engine oil, metal particles. carbon deposits and sooty particles and other impurities so as to protect engine.

Usually, oil filter is divided into full flow type and shunt type. The full flow filter is connected between the oil pump and the main oil gallery in series, hence, it can filter all lubricating oil entering the main oil gallery. However, the shunt filter is connected with the main oil gallery in parallel, only can filter part of the lubricating oil.

Fuel FilterThe main function of any diesel fuel filter is to remove foreign particles as well as water so as to protect fuel pump, nozzle, cylinder liner, and piston ring, etc, and to reduce wear and avoid clogging.

After learning about the two filters mentioned above, now let me intruduce another filter to you – Air Filter

How does generator air filter work?

It is mainly used to filter the particulates and impurities in the air so as to reduce the  wear of the piston rod, valve gear and the cylinder. Usually, the air filter consists of two parts: filter element and shell.

In general, there are two types of air filters, dry type and wet type.

A dry type air filter is a filter that separates the impurities from the air through a dry type filter element.

However, a wet type air filter includes oil-immersed and oil-bath two types.

The main function of the oil-immersed type filter is to separate the impurities from the air through the filter element.

The main function of the oil-bath type filter is to import the dusty air into the oil tank to remove most dust.

diesel genset

Usually, air filtration has three ways, inertia, filter and oil-bath way.

Inertia type: Because the density of the particles and impurities is greater than the density of the air, when the particles and impurities rotate with the air or take a sudden turn, the particles can be separated from the air flow under the action of centrifugal inertial force.

Filter type: Guide the air to flow through the metal screen or filter paper, so as to block the particles and impurities and make them paste on the filter element.

Oil bath type: Equipped with oil pan at the bottom of the air filter, using the air flow to impact the oil to separate the particles and impurities and make them stick in the oil; the oil droplets flow through the filter core with air and adhere to the filter core.Air flows through the filter element, which can adsorb impurities further, so as to achieve the purpose of filtering.

Genset air filter replacement cycle: replace the filter when the common generator sets work every 500 hours; replace it when the standby generator sets work for 300 hours or half year. In addition, the genset maintenance is also very important and necessary, which contribute to extend the replacement cycle.

In general, the maintenance period of the diesel generator air filter is conducted every 50 hours.

If the filter is not too dirty, it can be directly blown with compressed air, but it should be noted that the air pressure can’t be too big, besides, the nozzle can’t be too close to the filter element. However, if the filter is too dirty, you should use special cleaning fluid to clean it, and then blow it to dry. After the cleaning is completed, check the air filter, use the light to lighting from inside and outside, observe at the external of the filter, if found there is a light-spot, it shows that the filter has been perforated, you should replace the same type of the filter. If there isn’t a light-spot, it shows that the filter hasn’t been perforated. You should be careful to install the air filter.

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