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What Inspections Should Be Done Before Starting The Diesel Generator Set

Jan. 13, 2023

The storage period of diesel engine of diesel generator set is one year. If the diesel engine has passed the storage period specified above since the date of delivery, special attention shall be paid to the sealing inspection before use. Next, the editor of Jiangsu Starlight Power will introduce to you what inspections need to be done before the diesel generator set is unsealed and started?


(1) Check whether the surface of the unit is thoroughly cleaned. Check whether the nuts of foundation bolts, flywheel screws and other moving parts are loose, and tighten them in time if any problems are found.


(2) Check whether the clearance of each part is correct, especially carefully check whether the clearance of each inlet and exhaust valve and the clearance of pressure reducing mechanism meet the requirements.


(3) Place each cylinder in the pressure reducing position, turn the crankshaft to check whether the engine parts of each cylinder have abnormal sound, and whether the crankshaft rotates freely. At the same time, pump the oil into each friction surface. Then, close the pressure reducing mechanism, shake the crankshaft, and check whether the cylinder has air leakage. If it is very hard to shake the crankshaft, it means that the compression is normal.


(4) Check the condition of the fuel supply system.

① Check whether the vent hole on the fuel tank cap is unblocked. If there is dirt in the hole, clean it. Check whether the added diesel meets the required brand and whether the fuel quantity is sufficient, and turn on the oil circuit switch.


② Open the pressure reducing mechanism and crank the crankshaft. There should be a clear sound of oil injection in each cylinder, indicating that the oil injection is good. If there is no sound of oil injection and no oil coming, there may be air in the oil circuit. At this time, loosen the bleed screw of the diesel filter and the fuel injection pump to remove the air in the oil circuit.


③ Check whether there is oil leakage at the oil pipe and joint, and timely solve the problems found.


④ Fill the fuel injection pump and governor with oil to the specified oil level.


diesel generator set

(5) Check the condition of the cooling system.

① Check whether the cooling water in the water tank is sufficient. If the water is insufficient, add enough clean soft water.


② Check whether there is water leakage at the water pipe joint, and timely solve the problems found.


③ Check whether the impeller of the cooling water pump rotates flexibly and whether the drive belt is properly tightened.


(6) Check the lubrication system.

① Check whether there is oil leakage at the oil pipe and pipe joint, and timely solve the problems found.


② The grease fittings shall be filled with specified lubricating grease.


③ Check the oil level of the oil pan, draw out the dipstick beside the crankcase, observe whether the oil level height meets the specified requirements, and add the specified grade of oil according to the different seasons and regions. During the inspection, if the oil level is found to be higher than the specified height, the reasons for the increase of oil should be carefully analyzed. Generally, there are three reasons:

(a) Add too much oil.

(b) The diesel leaks into the crankcase and the engine oil is diluted.

(c) Cooling water leaks into the oil.


(7) Check the electric starting system.

① First check whether the relative density of the starting battery electrolyte is within the range of 1.240~1.280. If the relative density is less than 1.180, it indicates that the battery is low.


② Check whether the circuit wiring is correct.


③ Check whether there is dirt or oxidation on the battery terminal, and polish it clean.


④ Check whether the electrical contact of starting motor and electromagnetic control mechanism is good.


Generally, do a good job in the pre-sealing inspection of the diesel generator set, just like a blank house inspection, to avoid unnecessary trouble in the future and affect the normal operation of the diesel generator set.


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