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What Effect Does Valve Leakage Have On Diesel Generator Sets

May. 17, 2022

Nowadays, diesel generator sets are an indispensable power source in people's lives. Whether factories or hospitals are inseparable from diesel generator sets, some places even rely on diesel generator sets to supply electricity throughout the day. Although the use of diesel generator sets has brought many benefits to production and operation and made people's production activities more efficient, some hazards caused by valve leakage to diesel generator sets cannot be ignored. Therefore, when people use diesel generator sets, they must recognize the hazards of valve leakage. The hazards caused by valve leakage mainly include the following:


Diesel generator valve leakage will cause the engine cylinder to leak air, increase fuel consumption, poor ignition of the fuel in the cylinder, thick smoke from the exhaust pipe or the inability to filter the air. Balanced in the middle, abnormal vibrations are often found during the whole process of exercise.


If the automatic exhaust valve leaks, the exhaust pipe is blocked by carbon deposits, and the exhaust pipe is not smooth. When the distance between the cylinder swing rod and the hose is too large, some organic waste gas with continuous high temperature will clean the lubricating oil along the gap between the cylinder swing rod and the valve seat ring, enter the cylinder chamber, pollute the cylinder chamber, and cause the cylinder chamber to bend. The arm components are poorly lubricated, the ambient temperature rises, and carbon deposits are attached, which accelerates the damage and destruction of the diesel generator valve train.


diesel generator set

If the intake valve leaks, in the process of reducing the valve, reducing the ambient temperature can not cause the engine timing oil pump to catch fire. In the next cycle system arranged by the port, the cylinder is sucked into the cylinder again. When the cylinder enters the normal diesel oil during the working stroke, this accumulated fuel and flammable mixture will ignite, making the engine not smooth and knocking the cylinder.


If it is a multi-cylinder engine, when the intake valve of one cylinder leaks, the flammable mixture or organic exhaust gas injected into the intake port will be sucked into other cylinders, which will endanger the work of other cylinders.


After the common failure of diesel generator cylinder air leakage, if the sealing performance is not repaired, the development trend in the short term is that the cylinder seat, valve head cone, and cylinder rod root are ignited.


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