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What Causes 500kw Generator Set Cylinder Air Leakage?

Dec. 14, 2019

Some users meet the air leakage problem in 500kw generator set cylinder, today Starlight Power supplier summarizes the reasons. 

Why does 500kw generator set cylinder leak air?

A.Oil supply system failure.

a.Parking solenoid oil inlet valve does not work.

b.There is little diesel oil in the tank or the suction valve of the tank is not open. Fill diesel oil according to the instructions and open the suction valve of the oil tank.

c.Fuel supply line or diesel filter is blocked. Clean the oil pipeline and pipe joint strainer.

d.There is air in oil supply system. Unscrew the exhaustion bolt on the diesel filter, press the rocker arm of the oil transfer pump to repeatedly pump air several times, then tighten the exhaustion bolt, and check whether the joints of oil pipes are tightened.

e.Injection advance angle is incorrect. At this time, tighten the fuel injection pump after adjusting according to the specified data.

B.Cylinder pressure is poor.

a.Air leakage in cylinder head gasket. Fix torque according to the specified torque and sequence, and tighten the cylinder head bolts in order. At the same time, check whether the cylinder head gasket is damaged, otherwise it needs to be replaced.

b.Poor sealing of valve and valve seat. Remove the carbon deposit between the valve and the valve seat, grind the valve and the valve seat if necessary, or mill the valve seat ring.

c.Insufficient valve spring force or the spring is broken. Otherwise, replace it.

d.Stuck air valve and valve guide. Remove the valve guide and valve, clean them in kerosene, and check the assembly clearance between them.

e.Deformation and cracking of valve or valve clearance adjusting gasket tappet. Replace the tappet and select the adjusting gasket with appropriate thickness.

f.Excessive wear of cylinder liner and piston ring and insufficient elasticity of piston ring. According to the repair process to replace or enlarge the piston ring, or replace the standard cylinder liner and piston ring, which both must meet the assembly technical requirements.

C.Preheating device does not work properly.

a.Electric starter and electric valve wiring plug socket loose or poor contact. At this time, check whether the plug and socket are damaged, re plug or replace the plug and socket. Otherwise, check the electric starter and electric valve.

b.One-way valve spring in the connecting pipe of preheating oil circuit failure.

500kw generator set

How to judge the cylinder tightness of 500kw diesel generator?

a.Remove the fuel injector from the engine block, and then inject a little oil into the cylinder through the injection hole. Shake the flywheel after reassembly, if you feel obvious compression, it means that the cylinder and piston are not well sealed. 

b.Remove the piston group for inspection, and replace the parts if necessary.

When it is difficult to start the diesel engine due to the air leakage of cylinder and piston group, this method can be used for emergency starting.

How to improve the cylinder tightness of 500kw diesel generator?

a.The vacuum of diesel generator set is good, the pressure of diesel is large, and the oil supply will be more smooth. During cold start of diesel generator set in winter, because there is little oil on piston ring and cylinder wall and the sealing effect is not good, the phenomenon of repeated start and failure to fire operation will occur.

b.In view of the difficulty in starting the diesel generator set, the fuel injector can be removed and 30-40ml oil can be added into each cylinder to enhance the sealing performance of the cylinder and increase the pressure during compression.

c.Sometimes, the sealing performance of the cylinder is seriously affected by the heavy wear of the cylinder, which makes the start-up more difficult.

How to reduce cylinder wear of 500kw diesel generator set?

a.Before starting the unit, shake the crankshaft first to let the lubricating oil enter the surface of the lubricating parts. After start up, first operate with low speed, after temperature rise, increase load. Keep the generator set at normal temperature during operation.

b.Clean the air filter of diesel generator set in time and check the capacity and quality of engine oil frequently.

c.Guarantee the repair quality and normal fit clearance of diesel generator set. In the process of repair and assembly, the following should be done:

Cylinder center line is perpendicular to crankshaft center line;

Crankshaft and connecting rod must not be bent or twisted;

The piston pin, connecting rod sleeve and connecting rod bush shall be installed correctly;

Ensure that the crankshaft center line is perpendicular to the cylinder center line;

The cylinder shall have certain precision and finish.

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