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What Are The Types Of Lubrication For Diesel Generator Sets

Aug. 23, 2022

The task of the lubrication system of the diesel generator set is to send clean lubricating oil with suitable pressure and temperature to each friction surface for lubrication, so that the diesel engine parts can work normally. When the diesel generator is working, the working conditions of each moving part are different, so the required lubrication strength and method are also different. The lubrication of the surface of the parts and the oil supply method can be divided into the following forms:


1. Pressure lubrication.

The engine oil pump is used to continuously send lubricating oil with a certain pressure between the friction surfaces of the parts, forming an oil film with a certain thickness and bearing a certain mechanical load, and try to completely separate the two friction parts to achieve reliable lubrication.


2. Splash lubrication.

It is a way to lubricate the friction surface by using the oil droplets and oil mist that splashed when some moving parts rotate when the diesel engine is working or sprayed from the specially designed oil hole on the big end of the connecting rod.


diesel engine

3. Regular lubrication.

For some less important, scattered and difficult to implement liquid lubrication parts, lubricate by regularly adding grease.


4. Self-lubricating.

Some diesel engines also use bearings containing wear-resistant materials instead of greased bearings. Such bearings do not need to be greased during use, so they are called self-lubricating.


Most modern multi-cylinder diesel generator sets use a compound lubrication method mainly based on pressure cycle lubrication, supplemented by splash lubrication and oil mist lubrication. The compound lubrication method works reliably and can simplify the structure of the entire lubrication system.


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