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What Are The Standard Configurations Of Diesel Generator Sets

Aug. 10, 2022

Diesel generator sets have four main purposes, namely self-provided power supply, backup power supply, alternative power supply and mobile power supply. With the continuous improvement of the quality and performance of diesel generator sets, diesel generator sets are used in schools, hospitals, airports, factories, and residential quarters , agriculture, petroleum, mining and other industries are also expanding the application range. In this article, we will talk about the standard configuration of diesel generator sets?


The standard generator set is generally composed of power system, electric system, control system, cooling system and complete base. Special units include container type, silent type, trailer mobile type and emergency generator car.


1. Power system.

Refers to the diesel engine, gas engine, gasoline engine and other internal combustion engines, which are the most important part of the generator set. Usually, the selection of the engine brand determines the price of the set.


2. Electric system.

Refers to generators. Large-scale units generally use AC generators as supporting products, and small units mostly use DC generators as supporting products. The brand of the generator also plays a decisive role in the price of the unit.


3. Control system.

Refers to the controller part and the supporting electronic control accessories and electrical components. The controllers are mainly divided into single-machine controllers, multiple parallel controllers, and unattended three-remote controllers. The electrical components generally include: circuit breakers, relays, speed control boards, sensors, instruments, etc.


diesel generator set

4. Cooling system.

That is, the radiator, commonly known as the water tank. The material of the water tank is divided into aluminum and copper. Different materials of the water tank have different effects on the heat dissipation of the generator set. It is usually divided into an ambient temperature of 40 degrees and an ambient temperature of 50 degrees.


5. Complete base.

It is generally made of welded steel plates and plays a role in shock absorption in the generator set. Generally, it is made according to the size of the power and power system.


6. Other accessories and data of the generator set mainly include: power maintenance toolbox, power random accessories, muffler, product qualification certificate, product test data and supporting product technical data, etc.


The above is the basic introduction of the standard configuration of diesel generator sets. In addition to the standard configuration, diesel generator sets can also choose additional configurations of special units, including containers, silent boxes, rainproof boxes, mobile trailers, generator vehicles, etc. Users can choose according to their own use environment.


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