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What Are The Maintenance Cycles Of Diesel Generators

Jun. 21, 2019

Maintenance of diesel generator is always a big problem, whether before, during or after use, many users fail to maintain diesel generators regularly. However, the generator needs to be maintained and maintained regularly, otherwise it will easily cause many problems. In this article, Starlight will tell you in details about maintenance cycles and methods of diesel generator.

About diesel generator maintenance cycle, the user should should refer to manufacturer's manual, it is mainly determined by running time. For diesel generators that are not frequently used, the maintenance cycle of generators is divided into daily, weekly, monthly, semi-annual and annual maintenance.

diesel generator set

1.Daily maintenance of generator

A.Check fuel, coolant and lubricant leakage, whether they are leaking;

B.Check engine coolant heater. If the temperature is too low, the heater may not work, resulting in engine heating failure;

C.Check quantity of electricity of battery back.

2.Weekly maintenance of generator

A.Check generator lubricants and coolants;

B.Check quantity of electricity of battery back.

3.Monthly maintenance of generator

A.Check resistance value of air filter;

B.Check whether the generator has abnormal vibration, excessive exhaust gas, excessive noise or coolant, fuel leakage. Periodically conduct generator set test run, this can lubricate engine components, which can improve starting reliability; prevent oxidation of circuit joints, and prevent consume fuel deterioration. When the standby genest runs without load, it the time in 10-15 minutes is good. Running at least twice a month;

C.Check whether radiator becomes less crowded and leakage;

D.Check fuel elevation and delivery system status;

E.Check the connection of battery pack line. When the proportion of battery liquid is less than 1.26, it should be charged;

F.Check whether the exhaust system leaks or has excessive resistance and discharge condensate liquid;

G.Check the resistance of intake ventilation of generating set;

H.Check whether the maintenance tools are complete.

4.Semi-annual maintenance of generator

A.Check engine lubricating oil quality and branch filter;

B.Clean or change crankcase, ventilation filter;

C.Eliminate mailbox liner, check whether oil hose is damage, check electrical safety control equipment and alarm;

D.Remove grease, lubrication, dust and other sediments from the generator set;

E.Check transmission line connectors, circuit breakers and switching switches;

F.Simulate power outage in city, verify start-up performance of unit, auto-switch for vehicle inspection and related configuration of standby power supply (this is only for generators with self-switching device).

5.Annual maintenance of generator

A.Check fan blades, pulleys and water pumps;

B.Fixture bolts of related parts of generator set;

C.Clean generator output and control box, check and tighten all line connections, measure and record generator winding resistance, check engine heater (if have). Inspection methods and standards should refer to generator operating instructions);

D.Manual operation to check main circuit breaker of generator;

E.If the generator set normally operates on no-load or light-load, the load will be increased by more than 5% at the rated load, and the unit will start for at least 4 hours a year;

F.In case of water intake or excessive humidity in the engine room, at least once a year should be thoroughly maintained, including replacement of oil, oil filters, clean air filters, replacement of water filters, diesel filters, etc.

diesel generator

After know about maintenance cycles of diesel generator, we should also know main points of maintenance, as follows:

1.Do well in daily inspection of diesel generators, mainly including fuel tank, fuel storage, to ensure that sufficient oil is added in time according to demand;

2.Regularly and timely inspect oil sump and engine oil level;

3.Ensure that the marking on the oil gauge can be achieved and supplemented according to the prescribed quantity in time;

4.Check water, oil and gas in time, the leakage of oil and water on sealing surfaces such as oil and water pipeline joints should be dealt with in time;

5.Eliminate the leakage of exhaust pipe, cylinder head gasket and turbocharger in time, and solve the problem from the root;

6.Aiming at installation condition, soundness, connection between anchor bolt and working machinery condition in time, to ensure reliability;

7.It is necessary to observe and inspect the instruments in time to ensure that the reading is normal and the failure is repaired and replaced in time.

The above five points are the key parts of regular maintenance of diesel generators, which can ensure the timely operation of diesel generators and lay a foundation for extending the service life of generators. Strict technical maintenance can remove potential hazard of diesel generators, ensure the generators can work normally in a good condition.

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