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What Are The Control And Protection Functions Of Diesel Generator Set

Dec. 07, 2022

The control and protection functions of diesel generator set include:


1. Manually and automatically control the start stop and automatic transfer control functions of a single unit.


2. Parameter display: oil engine parameters such as oil pressure, water temperature, battery voltage, operation time, three-phase phase voltage, phase current, frequency, power factor, active power, reactive power, generating capacity, and other electromechanical parameters of power generation, as well as three-phase line voltage, three-phase phase voltage and frequency of mains power. Mains three-phase line voltage, three-phase phase voltage, frequency and other mains parameters.


3. The lubricating oil pressure of the generator set is low, the lubricating oil temperature is high, the cooling water temperature is high, the cooling water is cut off, the fuel quantity is too low, overspeed, overfrequency, low-frequency, speed signal loss, self starting failure, overcurrent, voltage is too high or too low, and the phase sequence of the auxiliary power is wrong. Generator phase sequence error, generator phase sequence error and other protection shutdown functions.


generator set

4. The generator set has low lubricating oil pressure, oil pressure and water temperature sensor fault, too high or too low cooling water temperature, water supply failure of cooling water, too low fuel quantity, overspeed, overfrequency, overcurrent, battery voltage too high or too low, auxiliary power phase sequence error, generator phase sequence error and other fault alarms.


As the unit is allowed to adopt centralized power supply mode and centralized control. The control panel (provided by the user) can be set in the control room to introduce unit control signals, switch control signals, measurement signals, etc. to achieve remote control and monitoring. To realize the monitoring of all units.


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