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What Are The Components Of High Pressure Diesel Generator Set

Dec. 05, 2022

Jiangsu Starlight Electricity Equipments Co.,Ltd. Guide: The high-voltage diesel generator set can be switched centrally at the 10kV bus through the integrated protection control switch. Generally, it is loaded through the transformer. The transformer can partially eliminate the impact of nonlinear load on the unit, and facilitate power factor adjustment to avoid the impact of low power factor on the power output of the unit. What are the components of the high-pressure diesel generator set?


1. High voltage generator set: the generator is a high voltage generator, and the output voltage can be selected according to the load or the primary mains voltage of power transformation and distribution.


2. Control system: the type selection of high and low voltage control systems is basically the same. The main difference is that the controller cannot directly detect the medium and high voltage, and can only accept the low voltage detection, which is divided into single machine control system and parallel machine control system.


3. The output switch cabinet is the output circuit breaker matched with the generator unit. The switch cabinet matched with the medium and high voltage unit is selected according to the voltage grade, mainly including 12KV, 17.5kV, 24kV, etc. Since the incoming line terminal of the power frequency power supply of the State Grid is basically 10kV, there are many types of 120N rated voltage, and comprehensive protection (including self differential protection and non differential protection) and other protections need to be configured. The minimum current of the shell frame is 630A. Please note that the power range of the generator set is basically 630A.


generator set

4. The feeder switch cabinet and false load test cabinet are the output circuit breakers matched with the parallel output of the generator set. According to the power range of the generator set, they are basically concentrated in 630A, 1250A, 1600A and 2000A, and they are mainly selected and differentiated according to the number of parallel units and the capacity of the branch load.


5. PT cabinet: PT cabinet is a bus PT, which is mainly used in parallel operation. Since the above control system cannot directly detect the high-voltage signal, it is necessary to transmit the signal at the secondary side through the PT cabinet as the detection signal. At the incoming end of each generator unit incoming cabinet, there is a small bus PT, which is used as the voltage detection at the output end of the generator.


6. DC 110V / DC 220V is basically selected as the operating power supply of the medium and high voltage output circuit breaker for the DC panel. The DC power supply is selected as the power supply for the automatic closing and opening electric operating mechanism of the control output circuit breaker. The capacity of the DC panel needs to be determined according to the number of switch cabinets and PT cabinets.


7. Grounding resistance cabinet: the neutral point of medium and high voltage generator set needs to be grounded through resistance. The selection is based on the purpose of the generator set and the space position of cabinet discharge. Multiple units can share one grounding resistance and switch through vacuum contactor. The point to point selection of grounding resistance cabinet for single unit can also be adopted. The main reason is that the control logic needs to be designed according to the principle that only one unit is allowed to use the grounding resistance cabinet for the same unit system.


8. Low voltage distribution cabinet: it is mainly used to select the type and capacity of local low voltage load of generator set.


9. Centralized control system: It is mainly used for centralized monitoring of multiple units, and can be designed according to the user's requirements. It is mainly used for personalized programming through the (Monitor and Control Generated System, MCGS) configuration software to facilitate the user to monitor the status of each unit in real time.


10. Oil supply system: Because of the fire protection requirements, 1000L daily oil tank is basically selected for design, and large capacity daily oil tank is configured to meet the requirements of long-term operation of each unit. The oil supply system needs to be designed for the project, which is not too different from the oil supply system of low-pressure oil engine.


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