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What Are The Characteristics Of The Combined Low Noise Shelter Power Station

Dec. 14, 2022

Jiangsu Starlight Power Guide: The combined low-noise shelter power station can be used in places without room for noise reduction. The unit does not need to build a machine room and can be parked in the open air. It is mainly used for the emergency backup power system of the communication hub station. The combined low-noise shelter power station includes diesel engine, generator, mounting base, cooling water tank, starting battery pack, vibration damping rubber pad, combined noise reduction shelter, smoke exhaust and noise elimination device, daily oil tank, system integrated control and switch cabinet, etc. Now let's follow the Jiangsu Starlight Electricity Equipments Co.,Ltd. to see what are the characteristics of the combined low-noise shelter power station?


(1) The overall structure is easy to disassemble and assemble.

The combined shelter fixes the daily oil tank, control switch cabinet and air inlet muffler in the control cabinet shelter, the unit is fixed in the power shelter as a whole, the exhaust muffler and smoke exhaust muffler system are fixed in the muffler shelter, and the air inlet expansion cabin and the exhaust expansion cabin are respectively installed with electric shutters to control the direction of air inlet and exhaust. The power expansion cabin plays a connecting role. The six small cabins are connected with bolts and sealing strips at their interfaces. Smoke exhaust pipe and oil pipe are connected with flange and sealing gasket respectively, and cables are connected with busbar. In the structural design, fully consider the workability and reliability of the shelter assembly and disassembly.


The combined structure can be easily disassembled and combined, which is convenient for road transportation. The noise reduction shelter is composed of 6 small shelters, including control cabinet shelter, power shelter, muffler shelter, exhibition shelter, power expansion shelter and exhaust expansion shelter. It can be disassembled and assembled into a whole after arriving at the place of use, which is convenient for moving and road transportation.



(2) The power loss of the noise reduction device is small.

Generally speaking, the shelter noise reduction treatment changes the normal working environment of the unit. If the treatment is not good, the power output of the unit will be affected, and the unit will be shut down for protection in serious cases. Through the accurate design of the air inlet and exhaust volume and exhaust back pressure of the unit, the balance point of full power output and noise reduction is grasped to ensure that the unit can meet the requirements of low-noise operation under the conditions of ventilation cooling and allowable exhaust back pressure, and achieve the goal of low-noise operation at rated power.


The power loss of the noise reduction device is very small, meeting the requirements of low noise operation at rated power. When high-power diesel generator sets are operating, they usually produce noise of more than 110dB (A), so vibration and noise must be controlled. The noise reduction shelter of the project meets the national environmental protection requirements through vibration reduction and isolation devices, as well as the use of efficient sound absorption materials in the engine room.


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