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What Are The Characteristics Of Marine Diesel Generator

Nov. 03, 2022

Diesel generator set is a widely used power generation equipment in the world at present, which is generally classified according to its control mode, use and appearance structure. According to the place of use, diesel generator sets can be divided into land diesel generator sets and marine diesel generator sets. Land use units are often used as emergency backup power supplies in telecommunications, national defense, hospitals, schools, commerce, industrial and mining enterprises and residential buildings, which are familiar to everyone. As for marine diesel generator sets, we may not know that well, so Jiangsu Jiangsu Starlight Electricity Equipments Co.,Ltd. will take you to understand the characteristics of marine diesel generator sets.


1. Most ships use supercharged diesel engines, and small boats use low-power non supercharged diesel engines.


2. The marine main engine works under full load most of the time, and sometimes operates under variable load.


3. The ship often sails in turbulence, so the marine diesel engine should work under the conditions of trim 15 °~25 ° and heel 15 °~35 °.


4. Low speed diesel engines are mostly two-stroke engines, medium speed diesel engines are mostly four stroke engines, and high-speed diesel engines are both.


diesel generator set

5. High power medium and low speed diesel engines generally use heavy oil as fuel, while high speed diesel engines mostly use light diesel oil.


6. If the propeller is driven directly, it is required to have a lower speed in order to make the propeller have a high propulsion efficiency.


7. When the required power is large, multiple engines can be used in parallel, and only one main engine can be kept when sailing at low speed.


8. The medium and high speed diesel engines drive the propeller through the gear reducer. The gearbox is generally equipped with a reverse running structure to achieve propeller reversal, but the low-speed diesel engines and some medium speed diesel engines can reverse themselves.


9. When two main engines are installed on the same ship, they are divided into left engine and right engine according to the installation position and propeller steering.


Generally, marine diesel generator sets have special aquatic environment and special performance, and are also very different from onshore diesel generators in terms of maintenance. Users of marine diesel generator sets must pay attention to correct maintenance according to the maintenance suggestions given by the generator manufacturer.


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