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What Are The Adverse Effects Of Oil Mixing On Diesel Generator Set

Oct. 11, 2022

The engine oil is an indispensable and important part of the diesel generator set. It is the lubricant to ensure the normal operation of the engine. It can also take away the heat generated by the engine during operation, clean the fine metal debris generated after wear, and have the functions of sealing, vibration reduction, rust prevention, etc. When some users use diesel generator sets, the use of engine oil is not strict enough. It is very dangerous to mix old and new engine oil or different brands and viscosities. Today, the generator manufacturer will talk with you about the adverse effects of oil mixing on diesel generator sets.


1. Mix new and used engine oil.

When new and old engine oils are mixed, the old engine oils contain a lot of oxidizing substances, which will accelerate the oxidation of new engine oils, thus reducing the service life and performance of new engine oils.


2. Mix gasoline engine oil with diesel engine oil.

Although gasoline engine oil and diesel engine oil are formulated from base oil and additives, the specific formula and proportion are essentially different. For example, diesel engine oil contains more additives, and diesel engine oil with the same viscosity level also has higher viscosity than gasoline engine oil. If the two kinds of lubricating oils are mixed, the engine may overheat and wear during low temperature startup.


3. Mix different brands of engine oil.

Engine oil is mainly composed of base oil, viscosity index improver and additive. Even if the type and viscosity level of different brands of engine oil are the same, the composition of base oil or additives will also be different.


diesel generator set

Mixed use of different brands of engine oil will have the following effects on diesel generators:


1. Turbidity of engine oil: no matter whether the brand is the same or not, different types of engine oil may be turbid after mixing. Because the chemical additives of each type of engine oil are different, chemical reactions may occur after mixing, reducing the lubrication effect, and acid and alkali compounds may also occur to accelerate the damage of engine parts.


2. Abnormal exhaust: mixing different brands of engine oil may also cause abnormal exhaust smoke, such as black smoke or blue smoke. Because the engine oil may be diluted after mixing, the engine oil is easy to enter the cylinder for combustion, which makes the exhaust pipe emit blue smoke. Or the cylinder seal is not tight after the oil is mixed, causing black smoke from the exhaust.


3. Sludge generation: sludge is easily generated when different engine oils are mixed, which will reduce the heat dissipation effect of the engine oil, resulting in high engine temperature and easy to cause failures. The filter and oil passage will also be blocked, resulting in poor circulation and engine lubrication.


4. Accelerated wear: when the engine oil is mixed, its anti-wear performance may change greatly, damaging the oil film, easily causing wear of the piston and cylinder wall, and even breaking the piston ring in severe cases.


The diesel generator manufacturer suggests that the diesel generator set oil should not be mixed as much as possible, because the additives of different models are different, which may cause chemical reactions and cause various problems of failure and damage. If the oil quantity is insufficient during operation and it is unavoidable to add oil, try to use the same type and viscosity of oil.


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