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What Are The Adverse Consequences Of A Blocked Generator Oil Return Pipe

May. 31, 2022

The function of the oil return pipe is to return the excess oil to the fuel tank to reduce the consumption of oil. Most cars now have a fuel return pipe. After the fuel pump supplies fuel to the engine, a certain pressure is formed. In addition to the normal fuel injection from the fuel nozzle, the remaining fuel is sent back to the fuel tank through the fuel return pipe.


When the generator vacuum pump is working, the oil used comes from the main oil passage of the diesel engine. After the vacuum pump is working, the oil should return to the diesel oil pan. If the generator vacuum pump is blocked, it will cause:


1. The oil return is not smooth, so that the rotor blades of the vacuum pump are easily broken, and the vacuum degree is reduced or there is no vacuum.


2. The oil return is not smooth, so that the generator rotor is subject to reverse resistance (the rotor resistance increases), and the generator rotor is easy to burn.


3. Due to the poor oil return, the oil return pipe is easily broken.


diesel engine

When the oil return line, including the check valve on the oil return line and the oil return filter, is blocked by foreign objects, the oil condensed at the bottom of the oil after separation cannot return to the machine head, and the condensed oil droplets are blown up by the air flow again. The separated air is carried away together. These foreign objects are usually caused by solid impurities that fell during installation.


Solution: Stop the machine, and after the pressure of the oil drum is released to zero, remove all the pipe fittings of the oil return pipe, and blow out the blocked foreign matter. When installing the built-in oil separator, pay attention to clean the oil and gas barrel cover, and pay attention to whether there are solid particles remaining at the bottom of the oil separator core.


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