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Reasons for Weak Start the Diesel Engine of Weichai Diesel Generator Set

Apr. 20, 2023

The common reasons for the weak starting of the diesel engine of Weichai diesel generator set include the following: insufficient battery hypnosis, starter failure, poor contact of related lines such as the battery pole connecting line, and excessive rotating resistance of the diesel engine.

weichai engine generator

Firstly, measure the battery voltage. The static voltage is 25.6V and the starting voltage is 23V, indicating that the battery voltage is normal. Check the power and ground wires of the starter and ensure that they are connected properly. So the maintenance personnel decided to remove the starter for inspection, and when inspecting the starter, they found that the starter bushing was already loose. After replacing the starter, the diesel engine of Weichai diesel generator set can be started normally, but after working for a period of time, the starter has a very low speed so that it is unable to start the diesel engine of Weichai diesel generator set. Try to start again, and the diesel engine of Weichai diesel generator set can start again smoothly.

Check again, and after several consecutive starts, the malfunction of weak starting occurs again. Because no problem was found in the previous inspection when measuring the battery voltage, we decided to use the method of measuring the voltage drop to carry out the inspection. The specific method is to set the multimeter to the voltage position, connect one test pen to the negative terminal of the battery, and connect the other test pen to a properly grounded part of the unit body, then start the diesel engine of Weichai diesel generator set, and read the voltage difference displayed on the multimeter. Under normal circumstances, the displayed value should be 0V, but the actual displayed value is 2V, indicating a poor contact between the negative terminal of the battery and the unit body. Continuing to use voltage drop detection to narrow down the fault range, the final fault point was concentrated on the ground wire of the battery. It should be due to poor contact caused by aging of the ground wire. A new ground wire was replaced and multiple attempts were made to start, but the fault did not occur again.

After troubleshooting, everyone thought it was relatively simple, but the diesel engine of the Weichai diesel generator set was repeatedly repaired. Therefore, when troubleshooting, it is necessary to strictly follow the procedure of "easy first, difficult later, and from the outside to the inside". According to the operating principle of the diesel engine related system of Weichai diesel generator set, the relevant inspection was carried out carefully, and every detail in the troubleshooting was not missed.

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