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Two Important Ways To Deal With Diesel Generator Set Overspeed Fault

May. 17, 2022

The overspeed of the diesel generator set is not only a test for the operator to deal with the fault, but also a test for the maintenance personnel. When the diesel generator set enters the overspeed state, it must be adjusted and stopped first. The most important thing is not to ignore the hazards of overspeed faults because of downtime. In the overspeed maintenance, you can find the shortage of the diesel generator set, so as to analyze the problem of the diesel generator set. At this time, it is too late to inspect the diesel generator set in a large area. For the lack of special maintenance inspection for overspeed faults, after each overspeed, re-analyze the cause of the overspeed and make a solution, so as to steadily improve the maintenance technology of diesel generator sets.


The way to deal with the common faults of diesel generator overspeed driving:


Step 1: Forced shutdown.


Once the diesel engine has a common failure of overspeed driving, the following countermeasures should be quickly adopted to make the diesel engine shut down immediately.


(1) Quickly retrieve the oil portion provided by the accelerator pedal termination.


(2) For the diesel pump with the provided oil rod or gear rod exposed, the rod should be quickly pulled back to the oil stop position.


(3) For diesel engines equipped with pressure relief equipment, the pressure relief rocker should be quickly pulled to the pressure relief position to make the diesel engine shut down due to no compressed air.


(4) If the air inlet is equipped with a shut-off device, the flameout device should be turned off immediately or the air filter air inlet should be quickly blocked with a cloth, and the fuel tank switch should be turned off to disconnect the air supply and oil passage, and terminate the supplied diesel oil. message and terminate the operation.


(5) Immediately put the gearbox into the high-end, at the same time step on the brake pedal to the end, and slowly extend the clutch pedal to force the engine to stop.


diesel generator set

Step 2: Check the reason after shutdown.


(1) If the accelerator pedal is quickly extended, and the engine will not rise again after reaching the maximum speed ratio, it is more common that the accelerator pedal support rod or pull arm is stuck.


(2) If the accelerator pedal is quickly extended, the speed cannot be reduced or the engine is turned off immediately, and the speed regulating motor usually has an abnormality.


(3) If the accelerator pedal is picked up and the speed increases again, it indicates that the diesel pump is abnormal.


(4) If the provided oil system software is good, it means that there is additional gasoline, diesel oil or oil in the cylinder.


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