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Troubleshooting Of Insufficient Oil Supply Of Oil Delivery Pump Of Generator

Jan. 06, 2023

The insufficient oil supply of the oil transfer pump will cause the diesel generator to be unable to operate under full load or can only operate under no-load condition. If the fuel delivery pump does not supply fuel, the diesel engine will not start.


Failure cause:

① The inlet and outlet valves of the oil transfer pump are not closed tightly, and the spring of the inlet and outlet valves is insufficient or broken.


② The piston of the fuel transfer pump is excessively worn, the piston is stuck, the piston spring is broken, and the piston rod is stuck.


③ The oil inlet pipe connector is loose or the oil volume in the oil tank is insufficient.


④ The hand oil pump is not closed tightly, which causes air to enter and affects the oil suction effect (so the handle should be tightened after use).


⑤ The oil suction height is too high (the height difference between the oil tank and the oil transfer pump cannot exceed 1m).


⑥ The inlet filter screen of the fuel transfer pump is blocked.


diesel engine

Handling method:

If the piston of the fuel transfer pump is excessively worn or the spring is broken, it should be replaced. If it is stuck due to oil contamination, it can be reused after being cleaned with gasoline. If the plastic oil inlet and outlet valves are excessively worn or skewed and do not fit tightly with the valve seat, the oil inlet and outlet valves can be ground with the valve seat to restore their tightness. If new inlet and outlet valves are installed, they should also be ground. When the plastic oil outlet valve is not sealed because the hard sand sucked in sticks to the plane of the valve, it can be polished on the oilstone. The outlet valve spring is broken and should be replaced. If the hand pump piston (without rubber seal ring) is excessively worn, it should be replaced.


One kind of hand oil pump is equipped with a rubber seal ring on the piston. When the rubber seal ring is worn or damaged, it will also cause air leakage, oil leakage or stop oil supply. When pumping oil with hand oil system, it feels loose, there is no pumping force, and the pump can not pump oil at all. At this time, the rubber seal ring should be replaced. If the seal ring is only worn but not damaged, in case of lack of materials, it can be cut into a circle with copper sheet of about 0.10 mm thickness (the thickness can be selected according to the situation) according to the width of the groove on the piston, and enclosed in the groove of the piston, and then put on the old rubber seal ring for reuse.


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