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Troubleshooting of Diesel Genset Electronic Governor

Sep. 11, 2018

What Is Governor?

Governor is an automatic adjusting device, which can automatically increase or decrease the fuel supply of the injection pump according to the change of diesel engine load, so that the diesel engine can run at a stable speed.

engine electronic governor

Governor Application

Governor has been widely used in industrial DC motor speed regulation, industrial conveyor speed regulation, lighting adjustment, computer power heat dissipation, DC fan and so on.

Definition of Governor

Electronic governor is a control device to control the speed of the generator. It is based on the received electrical signals, through the controller and actuator to change the fuel quantity from fuel injection pump.

Application Range of Electronic Governor

Electronic governor is widely used in packaging, printing, electronics, instrument, medical devices and other industries production lines as speed regulation device.

Classification of Governor

According to the control mechanism, it can be divided into electronic type, hydraulic type, pneumatic type and mechanical type.

According to the purpose, it can be divided into the following types:

1. Single-speed governor, also known as constant speed governor, can only control the maximum speed of the diesel engine. The preload of the speed regulating spring in this governor is fixed. Only when the diesel engine speed exceeds the maximum rated speed, can the governor function, so it is called the constant speed governor.

2. Double-speed governor, also called two-pole speed governor, is used to control the maximum speed and minimum stable speed of the diesel engine.

3. Full-speed governor, can control the diesel engine movement at any speed within the specified speed range. The difference between Its working principle and constant governor is that the spring bearing plate is made into moving, so the spring elasticity is not fixed, but is controlled by the manipulating lever. With the change of the operating lever position, the elastic force of the governor spring also changes. Therefore, the diesel engine can be controlled to work stably at any speed.

Troubleshooting of Diesel Generator Electronic Governor

Governor is an important part of the diesel engine. In order to ensure the long-term normal operation of the engine, it is very important to judge and deal with the fault of governor electronic governor, the daily maintenance and fault detection of electronic governor.

electronic governor

According to different faults, handling method is different.

Common faults: if the system does not work properly, it is detected as follows:

 Turn off the power switch, detect the power supply voltage, and if not, check whether the power line is reliable. Check whether the speed sensor is disconnected with multimeter electric barrier, the normal resistance value should be about 450Ω. Check that the connection cable from the speed sensor to the controller is disconnected; whether the mounting clearance of the speed sensor is within the specified range.

 The actuator coil is checked with a multimeter electric barrier, the normal value is about 4Ω, and check whether the connection cable from the actuator to the controller is disconnected.

 Check whether the actuator and fuel injection rack is flexible.

The special fault handling methods are shown in the following table:


Possible reasons

Handling methods

Engine Cannot Start

1. There is air in fuel pipe

Remove the air from the pipe

2. No speed feedback signal

Check speed sensor and cable

3. The governor power supply is blocked or connected in reverse

Check power supply and wiring

4. Toothed bar is stuck

Reinstallation and debugging

5. Governor current limit is too low

Properly increase the limiting current

6. Speed setting is too low

Rotate the low speed potentiometer clockwise to improve the idle state. Rotate the high speed potentiometer clockwise to achieve the rated speed at high speed

Engine Start Overspeed

1. The oil reduction direction of the actuator and the engine oil regulating mechanism is inconsistent or the zero position of the two does not match.

Check, reinstallation and adjustment

2. Speed regulation system speed setting is too high.

Reduce to set speed

3. Governor current limit is too high.

Appropriate reduction of limiting current

4. Improper adjustment of controller parameters

Appropriately increase the “gain” and “differential” of the controller.

Engine Speed Instability

1. Large lag or clearance of transmission rod system between actuator and rack

Check, reinstallation and adjustment

2. Engine overload

Reduce engine load

3. Speed sensor installation gap is too large.

Check, reinstallation and adjustment

4. Improper adjustment of controller parameters


5. Improper connection of shielding wire

Check that the shielded wire is connected correctly and reliably.

Engine Auto-stop

1. Governor power failure

Check power and connection cable

2. Speed feedback signal is interrupted

Check sensor and connection cable

3. Speed setting signal is interrupted

Check rotational speed fine-tuning potentiometers and connecting cables

4. Actuator cable short circuit

Check actuator and cable

5. Engine fuel supply interruption

Add fuel and remove pipeline air

Engine Cannot Stop

1. The actuator is not in the same position as the rod rack of the engine oil pump.

Check and reinstallation & adjustment

2. Gear lever adjusting mechanism is stuck

The steady-state regulation rate of the system cannot be adjusted

1. Governor is in “constant frequency” state


2. Oil transmission mechanism is stuck.

Check and readjustment or clean the fuel injection system

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