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Troubleshooting Method for High Pressure Oil Pump of Diesel Generator

Sep. 16, 2021

During the high-speed rotation of diesel generators, the high temperature failure of the high-pressure oil pump is generally caused by the lack of oil inside the high-pressure oil pump and the governor, the insufficient lubrication of the lubricating parts, and the increased frictional resistance of the moving parts to generate heat.

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Troubleshooting methods of high pressure oil pump of diesel generator:

(1) After the diesel generator stops running, check the fuel supply advance angle. During the inspection, it was found that the fuel supply advance angle was 5°, and after adjustment, it became the normal value of 28°.

(2) Check the oil in the high-pressure oil pump and the governor, and find that there is no oil at the lowest limit of the oil scale of the fuel injection pump. Open the governor cover and use a screwdriver with a length of about 30cm to check that there is inorganic oil in the governor. It is found that there is an oil height of about 0.2cm, which does not meet the governor's oil height regulations. Re-add oil to the high-pressure pump assembly to the specified standard.

(3) Start the diesel generator and run it for about half an hour, and the temperature of the high-pressure oil pump will decrease.

(4) Open the side cover of the fuel injection pump and use a flat-blade screwdriver to pry each plunger. It was found that two plungers were stuck during fuel supply. This may be the cause of the high temperature of the high-pressure fuel pump (heat generated by friction).

(5) Replace the two plungers inside the fuel injection pump, then assemble and adjust. After 30 minutes of testing, the temperature of the high-pressure fuel pump is uniform, and the fault is eliminated.

Incorrect fuel supply advance angle of the diesel generator set will cause the plunger in the high-pressure fuel pump assembly to jam and generate heat; there is no oil in the fuel injection pump and the governor, and dry friction occurs in various components; the temperature of the body is too high, which causes the high-pressure fuel pump assembly. If the temperature is too high: the oil hole on the nozzle assembly inside the injector is blocked, causing the diesel fuel sprayed by the fuel injection pump to return to the fuel injection pump, which will also cause the high-pressure fuel pump assembly to generate heat.

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