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Treatment Of Accidental Damage Of 100 KW Oil Pipes Of Diesel Generator

Apr. 04, 2023

After long-term use, all kinds of 100kW oil pipes of diesel generator will be damaged to some extent. All kinds of oil pipes are also called vulnerable parts. After accidental damage, many users will choose to use welding for repair, but when this type of oil pipe is put into the diesel generator again, cracks or fractures often reappear. How to deal with common accidental damage of 100 kw oil pipes of diesel generator? If we want to get an answer, perhaps we need to understand various types of oil pipes and cracks or fractures.


Common accidental damage of 100 kW oil pipes of diesel generator are as follows:

1. Diesel (or engine oil) hoses are broken or damaged: Diesel or engine oil hoses are vulnerable parts and are generally equipped with accessories. If damaged, they cannot be repaired and can only be replaced.


2. Diesel (or engine oil) steel pipes are broken or damaged: Diesel (or engine oil) steel pipes include high-pressure oil pipes, diesel fine filter inlet and outlet pipes, turbocharger oil pipes, air compressor oil pipes, etc. This type of oil pipe is not a vulnerable component and is generally not equipped with accessories. If there is any damage or crack, as long as the damage or crack is not at the joint, repair methods can be used to repair it. The specific requirements are:


(1) If the crack is very small, it can be directly brazed at the crack until it is firmly welded.


(2) If the crack is large and forms a cavity, it is necessary to cover the damaged area with a steel plate (with a thickness of 2-3mm), and then weld it until it is firmly welded.


(3) If the oil pipe breaks, a steel pipe with the same inner diameter as the outer diameter of the oil pipe is required (with appropriate length). Insert both ends of the oil pipe into the steel pipe (pay attention to the relative position of the oil pipe), and then weld until both ends of the steel pipe are welded firmly.


(4) If the crack or fracture is located at the joint, it cannot be repaired and must be replaced.


diesel generator

3. After completing the welding repair work of the oil pipe, start the diesel engine to run at medium and low speeds and observe the sealing condition at the welding point. If there are any issues, they must be addressed again.


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