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Treatment Method of Perkins Diesel Generator Set After Water Inflow

Mar. 10, 2023

During the placement of the Perkins diesel generator set, due to improper storage or water accumulation in the machine room, the unit accidentally entered the water. How to deal with it in time to ensure the normal operation of the Perkins generator set? Next, Starlight will teach you a few moves for a rainy day.

Perkins generator

1. Do not start the diesel generator set immediately after water enters. Wash the surface of the Perkins diesel engine with water to remove dirt and debris, and then use metal cleaner or detergent to remove the oil stain on the surface.

2. Support one end of the Perkins diesel generator so that the oil drain part of the diesel engine oil pan is at the lowest position, unscrew the oil drain plug, pull out the oil dipstick, and make the water in the oil pan flow out automatically. When the oil is just about to be drained, slightly let the oil and water drain together and then screw on the oil drain plug.

3. Remove the air filter, remove the upper shell of the filter, take out the filter element and other components, remove the water in the filter, and clean all parts with metal cleaner or diesel. If the filter is made of plastic foam, wash it with detergent or soapy water (gasoline is not allowed), then rinse it with clean water, dry it in the air, and then soak it with appropriate amount of engine oil (squeeze it with your hands after soaking). Oil immersion shall also be carried out when replacing the new filter. The filter element is paper and should be replaced with a new one. After cleaning and drying all parts of the filter, install them as required.

4. Remove the intake and exhaust pipes and muffler to remove the internal water. Turn on the pressure reducer, crank the diesel engine, and check whether there is water discharged from the inlet and outlet. If there is water discharged, continue to crank the crankshaft until the water in the cylinder is completely discharged. Install the intake and exhaust pipes and muffler, add a little oil into the air inlet, shake the crankshaft for several turns, and then install the air filter.

5. Remove the oil tank and drain all the oil and water in it. Check whether there is water in the diesel filter and oil pipe. If there is water, drain it. Clean the fuel tank and diesel filter, then install them back, connect the oil circuit, and add clean diesel into the fuel tank.

6. Drain the sewage in the water tank and water channel and clean the water channel. Turn on the throttle switch and start the diesel engine. After starting the diesel engine, pay attention to the rise of the oil indicator and listen to the diesel engine for any abnormal noise. After checking whether all parts are normal, running-in the diesel engine. The running-in sequence is idling first, then medium speed, and then high speed. The running time is 5min each. After running-in, stop and drain the engine oil, add new engine oil, start the diesel engine, and run it at a medium speed for 5min, then it can be used normally.

7. Remove the Perkins generator, check whether the stator inside the generator has a rotor, and then dry it before reassembly.

Starlight believes that in the process of use, if the generator set is not working properly, it needs to be solved immediately by the maintenance personnel, especially after the motor is damp, it must be dried in time. Only by taking timely emergency measures can the service life and working state of the generator set be guaranteed. If you would like to get more information welcome to contact us via sales@dieselgeneratortech.com.

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