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Treatment Method For High Temperature Rise Of Synchronous Generator

Feb. 22, 2023

After the diesel generator set is started and operated, the temperature and temperature rise of the synchronous generator exceed the specified value after it is operated at full load for about 4~6h. The maximum allowable temperature and temperature rise of various parts of generators with different insulation levels are different.


1、 Cause of failure.

The output power of the synchronous generator mainly depends on the maximum allowable temperature and temperature rise of the main components of the generator, namely the winding, iron core and bearing. Under the condition of full load, if the temperature or temperature rise of the synchronous generator exceeds the specified value after 4 to 6 hours of continuous operation, it must be checked, otherwise it will accelerate the aging of the generator insulation, shorten its service life, and even damage the synchronous generator.


2、 Treatment method.

① If the generator operates under high output voltage, the output power, especially reactive power, shall be reduced to keep the excitation current not exceeding the rated value.


② Increase the speed of the internal combustion engine to ensure that the generator operates at the rated speed.


③ If the load power factor is lower than 0.8 (lag), try to compensate it so that the excitation current does not exceed the rated value.


④ Adjust the three-phase load imbalance to prevent the three-phase current imbalance from exceeding the allowable value.


⑤ Check and eliminate inter-turn short circuit or grounding of excitation winding.


⑥ Dip and dry the rotor winding again until the paint is soaked and the winding gap is filled.


generating set

⑦ Assemble the unit bearing according to the specified procedures and precautions, and check the axial length dimension of the bearing cap lip. If the deviation is not exceeded, further check whether the axial distance and tolerance between the two bearings of the rotating shaft meet the requirements. If the deviation is exceeded, the outer bearing cap will also be used to hold the end face of the bearing outer ring. At this time, it is convenient to process the length of the outer bearing cap lip, so that the fit clearance between it and the bearing outer ring after assembly meets the requirements.


⑧ Install lubricating grease according to the lubricating grease grade specified by the generator. The loading capacity of lubricating grease is 1/2~2/3 of the bearing chamber volume.


⑨ Replace the smaller shaft. If the inner ring of the bearing is worn, replace the bearing of the same model.


⑩ Adjust the tension of the drive belt to make it meet the specified requirements. Check the ventilation of the machine room and try to exhaust the heat emitted by the diesel generator set. Check whether the cooling air duct of the generator is blocked and remove it.


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