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Treatment Method for Water Tank Leakage of Cummins Diesel Generator Set

Oct. 08, 2021

The components of Cummins diesel generator set include diesel engine, electric bulb, water tank radiator and control system. Also pay attention to good ventilation and heat dissipation at one end of the water tank radiator. When some users operating the genset, the water tank leaks. What is the main reason for this? How should the water tank leak? Below, Starlight power generation equipment will take you to find out.

If the Cummins diesel generator set leaks during use, first check to see if it is the water overflowing from the start of the machine or the water leaking from the pipe. The water that overflows from the machine is usually not treated, and it can be avoided by checking the proper level of the cooling water before starting the machine. When water leakage occurs in other situations, you can refer to the following method to solve it.

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1. When you find that the inlet and outlet hoses of the water tank have a little rupture and leakage, you can wrap the leaking area with tape or soap coated cloth, and then tie it with a thin iron wire, then wrap the outside with tape, and then tie it with a thin iron wire. , This is a very common approach. When handling, if there is a plastic tube with the same caliber, it can also be temporarily used to replace the damaged rubber tube.

2. If the core tube of the cooling water tank is ruptured and leaking, and it is minor, you can repair it with water tank plugging agent or soapy water. However, it should be noted that when the crack of the water tank is below 0.3mm, the method of plugging agent repair is effective. Operation method: Put the plugging agent into the water tank and follow the flow of cooling water.

3. If the water leakage is serious, the above treatment method may not be applicable. At this time, you need to use pliers to flatten the core tube at the leaking site to prevent it from leaking. Another treatment method is to cut the leaking part of the core tube, then clamp the fracture flat, and then use soap or 502 glue to fix the leaking part. If you lack tools or cannot perform the above treatments, you can put some shredded tobacco into the water tank, and use the pressure of the water circulation to block the shredded tobacco mass in the leaking part of the radiating water tank. However, this approach is recommended as a temporary emergency use, and the user needs to combine it. The actual situation is handled in a timely manner.

In the process of dealing with water tank leakage of Cummins diesel generator set, if it is a slight leakage caused by a water tank or a water pipe rupture, air holes, etc., these problem areas can be cleaned first, and then the adhesive patch can be applied.

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