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Treatment Measures For Fire Accidents In Emergency Diesel Generator Room

Mar. 28, 2023

Emergency diesel generators are electrical equipment, and the generator room is prone to fire accidents in the summer high temperature season and poor indoor ventilation. The fuel used and the smoke emitted by the generator set are flammable and potentially explosive. Once a fire accident occurs, it may cause the diesel generator set to fail to start. Important equipment cannot be started, and personal safety accidents may also occur. Therefore, fire accidents in the diesel generator room must be handled correctly.


1. In the event of a fire on an emergency diesel generator, it is necessary to immediately call for help and find a way to drain the fuel in the fuel tank into the oil drain tank, using a dry sand or powder fire extinguisher to extinguish the fire.


2. If the fire is severe, evacuate the surrounding personnel and call 119 for assistance.


3. The electrical circuit of the emergency diesel generator should be cut off as soon as possible to prevent the situation from expanding. When cutting off the power, insulating gloves, shoes, and tools with insulating handles should be worn.


4. When the power supply cannot be cut off in a timely manner, someone should be sent to the power supply end of the diesel generator to pull the switch. When extinguishing the fire, various parts of the human body should be kept at a certain distance from the charged body.


5. When putting out electrical fires, use ABC dry powder fire extinguishers or dry sand with good insulation performance. It is strictly prohibited to use conductive fire extinguishing products to put out fires.


Volvo generator set

In order to minimize the occurrence of fire accidents in the diesel generator room, the design and construction of the diesel generator room should comply with the requirements of the relevant national fire protection technical standards for engineering construction in the corresponding period:


1. It should not be arranged on the upper or lower floors or adjacent to densely populated areas.


2. Doors on partition walls shall be Class A fireproof doors.


3. When an oil storage room is provided in the machine room, its total storage capacity should not be greater than 1m3. The oil storage room should be separated from the generator room by a fireproof partition with a fire resistance limit of not less than 3.00h.


4. Fire alarm devices and fire extinguishing facilities suitable for the capacity of diesel generators and the size of the building should be installed. When automatic sprinkler systems are installed in other parts of the building, automatic sprinkler systems should be installed in the machine room.


The fire prevention work in the diesel generator room is a top priority, and I hope the above sharing by Jiangsu Starlight Power can be helpful to everyone. To purchase diesel generator sets, please identify Jiangsu Starlight Power. Starlight Power can provide you with a one-stop service for the design, supply, commissioning, and maintenance of diesel generator sets.


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