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Transport Packaging Method And Unloading Process Of Diesel Generator Set

Apr. 06, 2023

The diesel generator set, as an emergency standby power supply, is a relatively large mechanical equipment. After purchase, users can generally choose door-to-door delivery, special vehicle delivery, vehicle stowage and other delivery methods. According to customer requirements or according to their own distance, the packaging methods of diesel generator sets are different, as follows:


1. Wrapped film packaging.

Nowadays, this kind of packaging is widely used. This kind of packaging is very simple. It is called flexible packaging. The film is wrapped around the diesel generator set from head to foot in order. Most of them are wrapped in three layers. This kind of packaging is cheap and most manufacturers give it away as a gift.


2. Wooden box packaging.

Wooden box packaging is made by assembling wood and using code nails to assemble several surfaces, which is relatively more expensive than wrapping film. It is suitable for export and long-distance transportation. Exports must undergo fumigation treatment, and the price is naturally not low. This type of packaging has a strong maintenance effect on the unit and is also easy to inspect and load vehicles.


3. Iron sheet packaging.

This is a method of packaging the entire unit with iron sheet according to customer requirements, which has a high packaging cost and is suitable for long-term and long-distance transportation.


During the transportation of the diesel generator set, special attention shall be paid to the fact that it is forbidden to place too heavy goods on the generator, and no objects larger than 300KG shall be placed on the surface of the generator set.


diesel generator set

Please note that the diesel generator shall not be transported on uneven ground as far as possible during transportation. Do not tilt the machine more than 30 degrees. Severe vibration of the generator during transportation may have some impact on the diesel generator. When we receive the diesel generator set, we must unload it with a forklift. When we transport it with a forklift, we must ensure that the fork foot is wide enough to lift the machine from the bottom of the generator. It is also necessary to fully pass the fork foot through the bottom of the generator to pay attention to the components at the bottom of the generator. After lifting the generator, transport it to a flat ground before removing it. The specific process is as follows:


1. When unloading, use a forklift to hold the well packed diesel generator set on the site of the packing box, and then fork it to the stable ground. During this process, it is forbidden to tilt the diesel generator, otherwise there is a risk of falling down, which will cause damage to the unit.


2. When the diesel generator is forked off, remove the packing box of the generator. Take out the generator accessory box, confirm if the parts are complete, and then take out the generator foot cup.


3. Prepare four rubber pads of the same thickness, and then use a forklift to fork up the diesel generator set and pad the rubber pads prepared in advance.


4. Fix the base of the generator with the rubber pad to ensure that the rubber pad will not run out during the operation of the diesel generator.


5. Prepare water, diesel, and engine oil.


6. Technical personnel debug the unit.


The transportation and unloading of the diesel generator set is an important operation link after the purchase of the diesel generator set. In order to ensure the smooth operation of the unit in the future, each step must be carefully and strictly implemented. If you have any questions, please call Jiangsu Starlight Electricity Equipments Co.,Ltd., and we will have professional technicians to serve you.


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