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Transmission Mode Of Diesel Generator Valve Train

Aug. 03, 2022

The transmission mode of the diesel generator valve train mainly has three structural forms (gear drive, chain drive, synchronous belt drive), a brief introduction is as follows:


First, gear transmission.

1. Applicable to middle-mounted and bottom-mounted cam wheels.

2. The timing gear is cylindrical helical gear teeth.

3. The material of the crankshaft timing gear is medium carbon steel, and there are two types that are directly machined on the crankshaft and those that are inlaid with sleeves.

4. The camshaft timing gears are generally cast iron, but also bakelite.

5. The gear transmission has smooth meshing, low noise and low wear, and is widely used in large and medium-sized diesel engines.


Cummins generator set

Second, the chain drive.

1. Applicable to mid-mounted and top-mounted camshafts.

2. The chain is a roller chain.

3. Equipped with chain guide plate, tensioner and tensioner.

4. It can maintain a certain degree of tension and does not produce vibration noise.


Third, synchronous belt drive.

1. Applicable to top-mounted camshaft.

2. Car engines or small diesel engines are mostly used.

3. Small elongation, suitable for precise transmission.

4. Low noise, light weight, low cost, reliable operation and no need for lubrication.

5. Can not contact with water and oil, easy to jump teeth.

6. A certain tension can be maintained, and a tensioner and a tensioner are required.


The working process of the overhead valve valve train is as follows: The camshaft is driven by the crankshaft through gears. When the diesel engine is working, the camshaft rotates with the crankshaft. For a four-stroke diesel engine, the speed of the camshaft is 1/2 of the speed of the crankshaft, that is, two revolutions of the crankshaft complete a working cycle, and one revolution of the camshaft causes the intake and exhaust valves to open once each.


When the cam turns to the raised portion to contact the tappet, the tappet begins to rise. The rocker arm is rotated around the rocker arm axis through the push rod and the adjusting screw, and the other end of the rocker arm presses down the valve to open the valve. When the valve is depressed, both inner and outer valve springs are also compressed.


When the highest point of the convex part of the camshaft rotates over the tappet plane, the tappet and the push rod fall with the rotation of the cam, and the compressed valve spring passes through the valve spring seat and the valve lock plate to lift the valve upward, and finally Press firmly on the valve seat to close the valve. The valve spring should have a certain pre-tightening force during installation to ensure that the valve and the valve seat fit tightly without air leakage.


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