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Timing Regulating Mechanism of High Pressure Diesel Generator Set

Oct. 12, 2022

Whether the excellent performance of high pressure diesel generator set can be brought into full play depends largely on the working performance of various components of the unit. The following is the analysis of the operation principle of timing regulating mechanism of high-pressure diesel generator set by Starlight power equipment.

diesel standby generator

Mechanical timing regulating mechanism (MVT device) is used to control engine exhaust pollution. It changes the injection timing according to the engine load, so as to achieve the purpose of controlling exhaust pollution. Fuel injection timing is achieved by changing the position of the follower arm on the camshaft.

The actuator of the mechanical timing regulating mechanism of the high-pressure diesel generator set is a pneumatic cylinder that controls the movement of the fuel injector with the boom. A gear rod on the actuator shaft engages with the gear on the boom shaft. When the actuator plunger goes up or down, the actuator shaft turns the follower arm shaft through gears. An eccentric bushing is installed between the follower rocker arm and the injector follower, and the follower arm is fastened on the follower arm shaft with fastening screws. The rotation of the follower arm shaft changes the position of the follower arm on the camshaft, thus changing the injection timing.

The solenoid valve installed on the actuator controls the inlet and outlet of compressed air. The circuit switch turns on or off the solenoid valve according to the change of fuel pressure or engine load. The air that drives the actuator is supplied from the vehicle's air reservoir. When the diesel generator set starts, the vehicle air system pressure is lower than 551kPa, and the actuator spring makes the plunger at a lower position. At this time, the injection timing lags behind. When the vehicle air system pressure exceeds 551kPa, the air pressure pushes the plunger upward, so the timing of fuel injection is advanced, and the air pressure keeps the plunger at a higher position (fuel injection is advanced) until the rated load of the diesel engine is 25%. Once it reaches about 25% of the rated load, the electric control pressure switch will close the solenoid valve. Once the solenoid valve is closed, the air source of the actuator is cut off, the air acting on the plunger becomes less than 551kPa, and the spring pushes the plunger downward, delaying fuel injection. From 25% to full load, the high-pressure diesel generator set operates at a small injection angle.

NTC diesel engine with mechanical timing adjustment structure has made some changes in design, and the three cam follower boom covers are connected together with spline couplings. The three follower boom covers must be assembled into one assembly, which uses one gasket instead of three gaskets separately. When using the mechanical timing adjustment structure, special camshafts shall be used. The adjustment sleeve on the actuator shall be used to adjust the injection timing, instead of adding or subtracting the follower boom cover gasket.

To sum up, we can clearly understand the operation principle of the timing regulating mechanism of the high-pressure diesel generator set. However, it should be noted that the mechanical timing regulating mechanism should not be adjusted privately to increase the diesel generator set's fuel injection in advance and continuous operation. This will not improve the power of the diesel generator set, but will increase the diesel generator set's emissions.

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