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The Solution to The Three-Leakage Problem of Volvo Generators

Oct. 11, 2021

The first solution to the three-leakage problem of Volvo generators is the standard recovery glue method: the shaft and sleeve, bearing and bearing seat valve and valve acne, self-tightening oil seal, packing, etc. on the Volvo generator can be used when there is leakage. The standard recovery glue is modified to remove the wear parts of the clean cooperative parts. After curing, it will form a film layer with high wear-resistant mechanical strength. Then mechanical processing such as turning, boring, scraping and filing will be carried out to restore the geometric shape and coordination accuracy of the parts. Can solve the problem of leakage.

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The second is the leak control method with adhesive patching: when the split of fuel tank, water tank, oil pipe, water pipe and unqualified parts such as blisters and pores cause leakage, patching adhesive can be used to eradicate the two clean solid damage points, and it can be firmly fixed. Glue together and restore its original shape.

Liquid sealant leakage control method: When the interfacial leakage and destructive leakage caused by the solid gasket defect on the Volvo generator, the liquid sealant is used to remove the clean solid gasket contact surface, and the composition after curing is uniform, stable, and stable. The peelable film gasket with continuous adhesion can prevent the appearance of leakage.

Leakage control method with oil: When the paper gasket of Volvo generator's fuel tank bottom shell, cylinder head, gear chamber cover, crankcase rear cover, etc. leaks in many places, paint liquid should not be used. Only the paper pad is intact, the joint surface is clean, a layer of butter is applied on both sides of the paper pad, and the bolts are tightened to prevent leakage. If you change to a new paper pad, soak it in diesel for 10 minutes before the equipment, then take it out and wipe it out, and put a layer of butter on the joint surface before installing it.

Leakage control method with anaerobic glue: When leakage occurs in the vent bolts, stud bolts, etc. on Volvo generators, anaerobic glue can be used to remove clean bolt threads or screw holes, which can quickly solidify to form a film and fill parts It is empty, and can withstand greater pressure, and at the same time it has the characteristics of strong shock resistance and the function of preventing loosening. If it is used at the thread of Volvo generator's high-pressure oil pipe joint, the leakage control effect is unique and good.

Leakage control of paint chip liquid: Leakage at the joints of Volvo generator fuel tank, water tank, crankcase, etc., can be cured by immersing the paint chip in alcohol and then correcting the paint chip liquid on the clean joints. However, the cost of paint film is high, and it is generally only used when the situation is urgent.

The last is the method of adding pads to prevent leakage: oil leakage at Volvo generator tubing joint anti-leak gaskets, you can add a layer of double-sided smooth thin plastic pads on both ends of the anti-leak gasket, and tighten it firmly to prevent leakage.

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