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The Role of Volvo Generator Valve Spring

Nov. 22, 2021

The function of the Volvo generator valve spring is to ensure that the valve is closed on the valve seat, and the precision castings are kept in contact with each other during the movement, so as to avoid being separated from each other due to the influence of inertial torque, causing vibration and noise. Therefore, the valve spring of the Volvo generator has a large pretension force when it has a large bending strain.

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The raw materials of Volvo generator valve springs are generally high-carbon steel alloy steel, silicon alloy steel and nickel-chromium alloy alloy steel stainless steel wires, which are formed by cold winding and quenched and tempered. In order to increase the fatigue limit of the spring, the metal surface is generally treated by shot blasting or sandblasting. Volvo generator valve springs are more common in cylindrical spiral springs.

The yellow cylinder of the Volvo generator usually vibrates. When the vibration frequency of the cylinder bomb is increased with the increase of the diesel engine camshaft transmission ratio or the cylinder power switch frequency, it will cause resonance. This kind of co-shock will cause rapid fatigue and damage to the valve spring of the Volvo generator, and the organization of the gate valve with each other cannot be completely normal, so all efforts should be made to prevent it.

One of the countermeasures to avoid resonance is to increase the original chin rate according to the bending stiffness of the lifting spring. However, the bending stiffness increases, the contact stress on the surface of the camshaft increases, which accelerates the damage, and the work consumed by the engine crankshaft drive valve train is also increased. Some Volvo generators use variable pitch springs to avoid resonance. When working, the end of the spring with the smaller pitch is slowly overlapped, and the reasonable number of turns continues to decrease, so the original type rate also continues to increase. When installing this type of valve spring, the end with the smaller tooth pitch should be close to the valve seat.

Many Volvo generators use two valve springs to avoid resonance. The inner and outer valve springs are installed on one valve in the same boat. The advantage of using double springs is to avoid resonance, and when one spring breaks, the other can be kept in operation again, so as not to cause safety accidents of the valve falling into the cylinder. In addition, under the standard of ensuring the same elasticity, the height of the double spring is smaller than that of one spring, so the height of the entire device can be reduced. When using dual springs, the spiral orientations of the inner and outer springs should be reversed to prevent the broken part from getting caught in the other spring when one spring breaks.


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