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The Role of Lubricating Oil in Generator Sets

Oct. 30, 2023

Today, we will briefly introduce the role of lubricating oil in generator sets. If you have any further questions, please feel free to visit our Dingbo website. Next, we will introduce the relevant content to you.

standby generator set

Lubrication and wear reduction: There is rapid relative sliding between the piston and cylinder, as well as between the main shaft and bearing shells. This requires the establishment of an oil film between the two sliding surfaces to prevent excessive wear of the parts. At the same time, a sufficiently thick oil film can separate the surfaces of relatively sliding parts, achieving the goal of reducing wear.

Cooling: Oil can bring heat back to the oil tank and then dissipate it into the air to help the water tank cool the diesel engine.

Cleaning: Good engine oil can circulate carbides, sludge, and worn metal particles on engine parts back to the oil tank, and through the flow of lubricating oil, wash away the dirt generated on the working surface of the parts.

Sealing and leakage prevention: Generator set oil can form a sealing ring between the piston ring and piston, reducing gas leakage and preventing external pollutants from entering. 5. Rust prevention and corrosion prevention: Lubricating oil can adsorb on the surface of parts to prevent contact with water, air, acidic substances, and harmful gases.

Shock absorption and buffering: When the pressure at the engine cylinder port increases sharply, the load on the piston, piston debris, connecting rod, and crankshaft bearings is suddenly increased. This load is transmitted and lubricated by the bearings, which acts as a buffering effect on the impact load borne. Attention: When the oil in the diesel engine loses the above functions, it must be replaced. Under normal circumstances, the oil has less wear and tear, but it is easily contaminated, thus losing its protective effect on the diesel engine.

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