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The Role Of Diesel Generator Cylinder Head Assembly

Jun. 17, 2022

The diesel generator cylinder is the casing of the steam turbine. The main function of the cylinder is to separate the flow-through part of the steam turbine from the atmosphere to ensure that the steam completes the work process in the steam turbine. In addition, it also supports some stationary parts of the steam turbine, bears their weight, and also bears the thermal stress caused by uneven temperature distribution along the axial and radial directions of the cylinder.


The function of the cylinder head is to seal the gas, form a combustion space together with the piston, and withstand the action of high temperature and high pressure gas. The working condition of the cylinder head is:


1. The cylinder head is subjected to high temperature and high pressure gas, and bears a large bolt pre-tightening force, resulting in large mechanical stress.


2. The structure of the cylinder head is complex, and the temperature field is seriously uneven, resulting in large thermal stress. In severe cases, it will cause cracks and overall deformation of the cylinder head. The cylinder head can neither be damaged nor deformed. For this reason, the cylinder head should have sufficient strength and rigidity.


diesel generator

Notes on installation of cylinder head assembly:

1. Put the cylinder head gasket (the opposite side is facing up).


2. Put the cylinder head on the cylinder head gasket, and place the cylinder nut washers and the front and rear brackets. It is worth noting that the gaskets between the cylinder head and the bracket and between the two cylinder heads are spherical yin and yang gaskets, the concave and convex surfaces should be together, and the concave gasket should be placed below.


3. Using a torque wrench, tighten the fastening nuts of the cylinder head in 2~3 times in the order from the inside to the outside and diagonally crossing, and the torque is 25~27kgf.m. Note: The nuts between the two cylinder heads and the nuts of the cylinder head and the support plate should be tightened diagonally to the specified torque after the remaining nuts of the two cylinders are tightened.


Jiangsu Starlight Electricity Equipments Co.,Ltd. reminds users to pay attention: the cylinder head cannot be tightened at the same time during maintenance, and the cylinder head bolts cannot be reused more than 3 times!


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