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The Regular Maintenance Steps of Fuel Injectors in Volvo Generator Sets

Sep. 20, 2023

The generator set manufacturer will introduce the steps for regular maintenance of the fuel injectors of Volvo generator sets. Firstly, remove the fuel injectors from the cylinder head, perform simple external cleaning, and then disassemble, inspect, and assemble them one by one to prevent the same parts of different fuel injectors from mixing with each other during assembly.

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The specific steps are: first clamp the spray hole of the fuel injector downwards on a vise, remove the protective cap of the pressure regulating screw, the pressure regulating screw, and clean the spring. Turn the fuel injector around and fix it on a vise, loosen the fastening screw sleeve of the coupling, remove the fuel injector coupling, perform necessary cleaning, and then perform the following inspection.

Inspection is divided into visual inspection and sliding test: the mating surface of the needle valve and valve body shall not have burning or corrosion phenomenon through visual inspection; The spindle needle of the needle valve must not have deformation or other damage. When conducting a sliding test, the valve body must be tilted by about 60 degrees, and the needle valve should be released after about 1/3 of its stroke. The needle valve should be able to slide smoothly under its own weight; Rotate the needle valve position and repeat the above operation. If the needle valve cannot slide smoothly in any position, the needle valve coupling should be replaced.

Finally, the assembly of the Volvo generator set involves cleaning the body and its oil ducts, and assembling the pressure regulating spring and pressure regulating screw together. Be careful not to tighten the pressure regulating screw too tightly, as this will facilitate exhaust and overall cleaning during performance checks in the later stage. Place the available or replaced needle valve components in a plastic bowl filled with clean diesel fuel and thoroughly clean the needle valve by hydraulic operation. Fix the pressure regulating part of the fuel injector (which should be below) on a vise, fasten the needle valve coupling to the joint surface according to the positioning requirements, and then tighten the fastening screw sleeve of the coupling before conducting the following performance inspection.

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